Printed Giornale Should Never Be Replaced with the Electronic Version

Posted by audreytaylor on October 10th, 2013

Do you love drinking a cup of tea or coffee and reading your favorite newspaper? Is this one of the favorite parts of your day and you enjoy it to the fullest every time? Unfortunately, thanks to the constant innovations in technology things might change significantly in a few years and this is also the case with newspapers and books.  Ask yourselves what do you like most: reading giornale in electronic format or reading the printed version, the one that smells nice, looks nice and that hasn’t lost its charm? Regardless of your preferences, one thing is certain: access to information is essential, whether you are interested in porto empedocle or anything else.

We should start by saying that for a very long period of time people printed books and newspapers and they delivered their information in a printed version. Nowadays, most printed versions also have an electronic version, but this is not something that bothers us as long as the printed version doesn’t disappear for good. There are still many people out there who love reading the printed giornale, people who have it delivered every door at their doorstep or who start their day going out and buying it.

For these people, the printed giornale cannot be replaced with anything else, because it has a charm of its own. Indeed, the electronic version contains the same information, but this doesn’t mean that it offers us the same reading experience. In fewer words, people should be able to read printed newspapers and books for many decades from now on. The Internet and the electronic version is not more important than the printed version and it shouldn’t be considered more valuable. If given the chance to choose, you will discover that numerous people prefer the printed version, the old fashioned one although they have nothing against technology and they access the Internet on a regular basis.

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