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Posted by donaldmiller on October 10th, 2013

The concept of PageRank was coined by Larry Page and it has become the core of how website links are displayed in Google search results. Most people that know a thing or two about online users know that more than 30% of them don't go beyond the first page when they get the search results in search engines. Hence, it is extremely important to have a rank high enough so that a website is ranked among the first two or three search results pages. Building PR links is one of the best ways to achieve this. Gamit is one of the prime exponents of this job. Follow Gamit on Twitter and you will learn a lot about this concept.

Some of the concepts that will come across when you are in the process of building PR links include 100% original content, aged domains, multiple anchor text, do follow links, homepage backlinks and unique C class IPs. Do these look Greek and Latin to you? If they indeed do then you as a website owner should start getting to know about these concepts. One of the easiest ways is to follow Gamit on Twitter and you should be able to get enough information for you to action these concepts.

There are many websites that find that their page rank with Google has tanked and many of them have no clue as to why that happened. The reasons could be many - Google frowns on the usage of paid links; Google frowns on content that is not original and irrelevent and Google also frowns on the use of link quantity rather than quality. Even something as simple as anchor text has to be monitored by website owners. For example, Google doesn't like transactional anchor text; it rather prefers navigational anchor text. These are points that normal website owners are not expected to know. And even if they know they may not know what to do about them. Hence, the presence of top SEO experts like Gamit that not only can fix these issues but also enhance page ranks of their client websites. To know more about what Gamit does follow Gamit on Twitter.

Every website wants to have a Google page one rank but it doesn’t happen so easily. One of the issues with Google is that it constantly changes its search algorithm and only those website that sing along are the ones that are able to benefit. This is again where SEO companies use a host of tools and techniques including building PR links to enhance page ranks.

When you follow Gamit on Twitter you don’t get sales pitches all the time. In fact there is hardly any sales pitch that Gamit does on Twitter. What you rather get is information on how to keep your website ranked high on Google and other top search engines. Building PR links is one option but then there are so many other options. Partner with Gamit and you will get their full support for creating a successful online business for you.

One of the ways to enhance page rank is building PR links. But when you follow Gamit on Twitter you come to know about so many other ways.

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