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Posted by SharonEvans on October 10th, 2013

When using phones, if you want to leave somebody a voice message it basically means that you have to pray for that person not to answer their phone. Things get even more complicated when a person has deactivated their voicemail. Well, you should know that you can now find a lot of websites out there that can help you deliver highly personalized birthday greeting messages to all of your friends with just a few clicks. In this article, we will talk about how to find such a website and what exactly can you message contain.



First and foremost, in order to find a website to help you send birthday greeting messages, you will have to have a good PC (personal computer) and a good connection to the internet. There is nothing worse than having your computer or internet freeze on you while you are in the middle of a search. Now, you will have to open a browser and start a search engine such as Yahoo, Google, Ask Jeeves, and Bing and so on. In the recently opened search engine you will have to enter some keywords that best describe the things you are looking for, and in this case, they are voice messages of ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes for one of your friends or a family member. This means that you should type in something like ‘birthday greeting messages website’ or ‘voice message birthday’. And now you have to hit Enter and wait for the results to pop up.



Usually, in a few seconds after you hit Enter there will be a long list of websites that are relevant to your search and this is where the actual hard part will begin. Firstly, you should create a list of websites that are on the first two or three pages of results and start crossing out some of the websites that do not meet your criteria.



Some of the first criteria you should look at are the number of options regarding the voice message you are interested in sending. You should be allowed for example to use default birthday music, upload a MP3 file from your computer or from an URL or you should even have the option of not adding background music. Furthermore, you should be able to also write a personal message to your friend.



Next, it is important to choose a select a website that has multiple options of sending your birthday greeting messages. For example, the high quality websites will allow you to send your message coupled with an Amazon gift card or via text messaging, and last but not least, via e-mail. It is important to have more options so that you can be sure that your friend will receive the message, no matter where he or she may be.

If you are interested in sending a friend or a family member a voice message to commemorate a special time in their lives, then you should be looking for a website that allows you to do exactly that. There are thousands of websites out there that can help you send birthday greeting messages to your friends.

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