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Neon signage is like sweet candy treats for the eyes. This amazing hand crafted medium has captivated, excited, motioned and promoted everything from cafes, coffee shops, cinemas, car dealerships to the seedy underbellies and back streets of Sydney’s nightlife. Developed by Claude Neon in 1923 this beautiful creation took hold, quickly becoming a fixture in outdoor advertising.

Neon’s wide range of beautiful colours range from light soft pastels to deep bold colours that roam the colour spectrum and can evoke a huge range of feelings to excite and entice the heart of your audience.

One of the best ways to be seen Day or Night is using traditional neon signage. Neon glass signage has the warmth and character that can’t be achieved with LED or Faux Neon products.

Our custom-made traditional neon signs are world class, our inhouse team of glass neon benders will make you a 1 of a kind illuminated masterpiece. These types of neon light signs are the perfect solution to advertise your business effectively making your store front a beacon to your customer base & the passing crowds, in a busy street or shopping centre.

Neon adds more visibility in & outdoors

No matter the location of you business, shopfront or showroom a neon sign can attract attention from street level or several floors up, no matter the situation a neon sign can attract the attention of busy shoppers, pedestrians and passing traffic.

Indoor Neon - Even with such a vast array of options outdoor, neon has a huge range of uses indoor. If it’s a quirky slogan mounted on a green wall, a reception sign, mood lighting, an neon artwork, illustration or announcing  different departments, sales counters or directing people around a busy workspace, these traditional neon signs will effortless bring customers through your door. A neon sign placed in window or shopfront is also a great way to attract attention.

Business Neon Sign Types - As the leading and largest neon maker in Sydney, New South Wales & Australia, Neolite has a huge variety of neon signage options available. Speaking to one of our designers you can develop the perfect sign for your business shopfront or showroom. We have a many premade & off the shelf options available but most of our traditional neon is custom made. Some examples of our off the shelf units can be found on our website Our most popular neon signs are the Open Neon, Burgers, Beers, Now Open, and many other generic illuminated signs, which are cost effective solutions to attract attention, notify your customers of your hours, or available products & services. I fyou cant find what your looking for order a custom neon instead. 

Illuminated Neon Window Signs  - Neon Window Signs come with a clear acrylic tray or box for extra durability and are usually made from 4.5mm premium acrylic to make the ultra-bright neon appear to be floating. The clear acrylic tray makes the neon visible from both sides, with a box arrangement it means less maintenance & cleaning. They can be mounted either with stainless steel cable and dress fixtures, chain, or screwed directly to a wall or window frame. They can also be mounted from a bracket or suspended outside so they can bee seen by customers in both directions.

LED Flex/Faux Neon Window Sign – A more modern type of sign is the LED Neon window sign, made with a colourful flexible silicon rope. These sign are great for short term applications, events anything under 20,000 hours. They are vibrant and bright but have a limited colour range of 12 solid state colours. They come in RGB also which is Bluetooth controlled or can be programmed at extra cost. LED Flex needs to be mounted to an acrylic backing panel. Great for events and promotional uses.

Neon Logo Sign – Brand recognition is the key to customer loyalty. Whether your brand is already a household name — or aspires to someday be one — these neon signs convey professionalism, consistency, and longevity. The way to endear yourself to your growing customer base is to introduce yourself, and there’s no better way to do that then with a glowing logo that gives them confidence in their choice of where to do business.

Traditional Neon Lighting – Decorative neon, architectural or art deco. Traditional neon dates to the 1920’s. It was the first choice for architects and designers when they wanted to ad ambient lighting, highlight or illuminate features that couldn’t be illuminated using incandescent bulbs. Neon tubing and lighting can be fine tuning to match the most precise colour point with over 170 neon colour variants available you can find the right colour and tone for you interior project, neon artwork, sculpture, signage, illustration, or graphics package. Neolite is the first choice when it comes to neon.

For almost 100 years traditional neon has been the first choice for outdoor signage and advertising

Basic Neon Signs – The basic neon sign has a thin aluminium frame to support the neon, the neon is usually single stroke basic text with a small electronic transformer mounted to the rear of the unit. These signs are usually hung in windows, about entry ways, and can be used as a directional or wayfinding signage system or to notify your customers of amenities or highlight services that you offer. They are highly durable, and the simplicity of makes them the first choice for bars, and public spaces.

Restaurant Illuminated Neon Sign – The way to your patron’s hearts are not only through their stomachs, but their senses. A custom designed, visually pleasing neon sign for your restaurant will not only welcome night-time diners — but it will also look great during the day. Our neon restaurant signage can be produced in any combination of shapes, sizes and colours that will make your arriving customers hungry for more. Its makes the perfect backdrop for all

Neon Marquee Signage - The sight of a glittering marquee heralds the excitement of a Broadway show, an exciting new film, the glitz and glamour of a night out and the displays’ trademark appearances defines the look of many major cities famed theatre & entertainment districts. This bright, eye-catching neon signage hangs over the historic theatres that have been lighting up Sydney and capital cites for more than a century. Partnered with Wagner Lettering and illuminated lightboxes, flashing lighting this marquee signs are impossible to ignore. Our inhouse design team can assist you bring something truly spectacular to life.

Pylon Neon Signs - These steel powerhouses are the inviting gateway to your business providing bright and powerful exposure for all passing traffic. Neon is the ultimate enhancement of Pylon signage creating a bright and bold first impression. With a superior presence & strategically located and designed a neon pylon sign will increase the visibility of you brand and maximise the recognition of passing trade.

Neon Repair Services – Since 1948 we have been servicing, repairing, and replacing neon all over Sydney and New South Wales. In addition to being Australia largest supplier of spare parts, transformers, cable, boots and technical advice to the majority of neon benders nationally. With a full time on the road service crew of qualified electricians & our neon bending studio located 15 mins drive from Sydney’s CBD. We are the first choice for all neon repairs and maintenance for any neon sign, no matter how big or small.

Top Neon Designers - At Neolite, our staff of highly skilled industrial designers possesses the necessary creativity, along with an eye for consistent quality that can put together the perfect sign just for you. We will work with you on completely original designs, faithful reproductions of your own graphics or combinations of the two. Not only can we craft original signs from scratch, we can also flawlessly incorporate existing logos and artwork into a new project, to provide consistent branding for your business or organisation. Our team can provide full construction drawings for your neon, with all the relevant technical data and details to provide to architects, council, designers, or builders. 

Superior Neon Parts and Construction - We only use premium Italian & English glass tube, premium grade tried and tested electrodes, waterproofed connections, premium transformers & electrical parts, and the highest quality, thickest gauge of insulated wiring possible for every project in order to ensure both the safety and dependability of your valuable neon signage. Our neon signs come with a variety of bespoke and custom finishes and they can be manufactured to the most stringent requirements. All our neon signs are also guaranteed.

Neon Sign Maintenance from Someone You Can Trust

Not only can we design, fabricate, assemble, deliver, and install your beautiful new sign — we can also help maintain it for the length of its service life. While our signs last for years without fading, a bulb or small electrical component sometimes needs replacing. When your sign face does eventually need a touch up or a replacement, you can count on Neolite to be there and repair your sign without all the headaches of dealing with a third party.

At Neolite, we favour a long term business relationship over a quick sale. During a repair, we always try to salvage as many of the older working parts as possible, in order to ensure your sign can get back to work, and your storefront can continue to look attractive and inviting for customers, as quickly — and with as little hassle or cost — as possible. We made our name and reputation through more than three decades of delivering effective and reliable sign solutions to thousands of satisfied loyal clients throughout Sydney, New South Wales & across Australia.

About Neolite

Neolite has been making signage since 1948 & is proudly based in 3 locations across Sydney. We have clients all over Sydney, New South Wales, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide, Perth, Darwin & Canberra.

We can ship or setup new signage in most locations around Australia, and we’re one of the few Sydney sign manufacturers that also has industrial designers on staff for clients that need them.

We’re not only famous for our quality neon signs and beautiful original designs, but for our quick turnaround and free estimates as well. We make it easy to get a quote with our online form.

Call or Use the Button at the Top Now For a Free Quote

If you’d like to learn more about any type of light box sign or sign that can be seen at night, give us a call today at (02) 9313 5266. We’re happy to discuss all of our sign options with you, their prices, advantages, and more. We’re also available for neon sign maintenance and repair if your sign has seen better days. Call us today to learn more.

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