Asian Fashion 2013 Latest Wind Coat for Women

Posted by 7efashion on October 11th, 2013

Preface: Autumn has come, winter will be far behind? Cool autumn, a stylish coat is absolutely essential item. It’s not only warm but also elegant fashion. Let’s look what we have got below

Windbreaker LOOK1

Black high waist shorts matches with black tunic is very sexy, things take a big-breasted coat collar pale, very temperament.

Windbreaker LOOK2

Black sweater with black jeans pencil pants, camel coat texture is very good.

Windbreaker LOOK3

Black and white plaid shirt with skirt, things take a long section of the indigo-breasted coat, red shoes is very brisk. This kind of Asian fashion clothing is very causal and good looking.

Windbreaker LOOK4

Tight shirt matches with tight black pencil skirt, another big black windbreaker wild temperament, Roman sandals added texture.

Windbreaker LOOK5

Chiffon shirt with skinny jeans, very familiar with the classic match, things take a big collar khaki windbreaker, casual fashion.

Windbreaker LOOK6

Gray shirt with a white spell color pencil pants, pink and pale light yellow windbreaker mixed colors seem sweet, Rome platform shoes stretched height.

Windbreaker LOOK7

Lace and leather mix dress, choose a leather coat outside, lined with checkered lines very chic.

Windbreaker LOOK8

Beige coat + black tights

Matching Skill: beige windbreaker visually brings very warm feeling. H-shaped profile of this year's autumn and winter fashion trends, large H-shaped profile was relatively flat easy to make, you want to wear clothing slim physique needs to follow the Panasonic compact shape!

Windbreaker LOOK9

Cut loose long coat + tight jeans + pinstripe T-shirt

Matching Skill: Oversized profile shape is very popular this season, loose version of the type of coat also began to appear. Loose feeling may seem less spiritual, then coupled with a refreshing sea-striped shirt and fashionable jeans now!

Windbreaker LOOK10

Army green coat + tight jeans

Matching Skill: army green coat very wild, and many beautiful women are like, but the boyfriend-style army green coat trimmed and everyone I do not know whether to close my eyes it? With nine points wearing tight jeans and shoes, more street sense .

Windbreaker LOOK11

Army green coat + tight jeans

Matching Skill: same army green coat, a coat cut design which is more fit and generous, simple with the law has not changed, but showing another kind of feeling.

Windbreaker LOOK12

O-beige trench coat + tight jeans + pinstripe T-shirt

Matching Skill: Korean street fashion are very obvious, what the popular single product, will immediately follow the trend of Korean girls wear. I do not know sea-striped shirt + coat + jeans with wave will spread to the country.

Windbreaker LOOK13

Dark blue waist coat + pants + grass green pinstripe T-shirt

Matching Skill: waist coat comparative analysis can significantly stature, with grass green tights can add some color to break the dull autumn.

Windbreaker LOOK14

Gray-green coat + white pants + maroon shirt bottoming

Matching Skill: slightly dull gray-green coat, with dazzling white tights are very eye-catching too!

Windbreaker LOOK15

Beige long coat + dark skinny jeans

Matching Skill: beige long coat will be very popular in previous years, but this year would not have to wear the waist slightly like! Because now the most popular method is to wear open, to wear with leggings, this is the best wave shape!

Windbreaker LOOK16

Khaki coat + blue loose version of the type sanding tight jeans

Matching Skill: exaggerated loose version of the type very type, this oversized coat tight Bottoms more necessary to match!

Windbreaker LOOK17

Khaki coat + blue striped skinny jeans + Claret bottoming shirt

Matching Skill: khaki windbreaker very wild single product! To matches with tight blue jeans is very brisk, strong fashion sense.

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