List of Services Offered by the Professional Creating Wowing Art Drawings

Posted by SharonEvans on October 13th, 2013

Painting galleries are one of the most visited places in the world. People from different countries not only come here to witness the masterpieces, but there are a few who has a hobby to purchase them for their home. These art drawings come with huge price tags and may not be possible for the majority of the audiences to make a purchase. Not to worry! In order to make your wish come true, many portrait selling companies have come up over the years. With them works portrait commission, who give their best in creating the replica of the picture you want to posses at an affordable price. These artists offer the below mentioned services:

•             100% Hand Painted Photo: The photos you receive from the artists are 100% hand painted. They are very strict against using computer. They use the best of art drawings supplies to create a mirror image of your favorite photo. To increase the prominences of the picture they ensure to hand paint the photos with care and dedication.

•             Does Necessary Changes: If required the professionals are always ready to make some necessary changes. For instance, they can alter the background or any props related to the subject. But then the change will only be done with your permission.

•             Work on Different Styles of Painting: The portrait commission working with painting selling companies is skilled in almost all styles of paintings. This includes, oil painting, water color painting, pencil sketches, crayon painting so on and so forth. They have also mastered in single color, bicolor and tricolor painting.

•             Quick Delivery: Customers satisfaction being the main priority, the professionals make sure to deliver the paintings as fast as possible, say, within a week. The best thing about them is that they can deliver the art drawings within 24 hours as well on special request.

•             Give the Final Touch to the Painting: Some portrait selling companies also supply varied types of frames. The artist can suggest you the frame that would suit your painting. The frame when added to the unique painting will definitely give a stark look.

•             Unique Services: If you ask the same artist to create over hundreds of replica of the same photo, you will find each drawing having a different touch somewhere. They professionals make sure to produce something new each time they draw the same photo.

Quality Services: They make sure to provide quality services to all their clients. They use quality colors that will last for long. In order to bring out the realistic effect in pencil sketches, they use different pencils for the light shades and the dark shades.

Well, you can simply make an online research to find reputed portrait selling agencies. Though the artists are expected to be a degree holder in fine arts, still it is recommended to go through the websites thoroughly. Most importantly read the portfolio of the portrait commission, so that you may have a clear understanding of what the professionals are offering and what is your requirement.

Do you want to purchase art drawings? Skilled portrait commission working with Your Art Now is offering unique paintings at competitive prices.

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