Can I download guided meditation? Yes you can!

Posted by jennycooper on October 13th, 2013

Many people think that proper guided meditation can only be done at really high costs by visiting the office of a renowned wellness expert. However, nowadays such specialists can be easily found online and provide their service at free costs for people located all over the world. In this article we will strive to offer you the information you need so that you will manage to indentify some of the most reliable sources on the web from where you will be able to download guided meditation materials. In addition to that, we fill offer general data on the ancient art of meditation so that you know exactly what this practice is about.

To begin this article in a correct manner, we will first and foremost offer what we consider an appropriate definition for guided meditation. According to specialists from this field, the term refers to a type of meditation where individuals are verbally guided into a state of consciousness with a help of a live voice or a recorded one. The voice can be accompanied by music or other sounds which replicate those one can hear in nature (bird chirps, waterfalls, rain, etc). The process is efficient when the person who is trying to meditate carefully follows the verbal instructions given by the live expert or the one on the downloaded material. Often times, novice meditators start the whole routine under the false assumption to the whole purpose of their actions is to free their minds of all thoughts. However, the main goal of meditation is not to eliminate thinking completely, but help you learn how to hold and sustain contradictory thoughts. In addition to that, this practice will raise your ability to transfom negative feelings and emotions into positive ones.

Now that you are familiar with what this process implies, you can take the next step in your search for the right teacher. To make sure that you have picked the right expert, you must firstly become familiar with the qualities he or she should posses. The old saying “practice what you preach” applies in this field like in no other area of work. This means that if you want to make sure you have choose the right mentor, you should always go for those specialists who dedicate a serious amount of time every day to personal meditation and have been doing so for quite a while now. In addition to that, your teacher should posses a deep knowledge of the mental, physical and spiritual benefits of meditation from a scientific point of view. Further more, we advise you to only trust those teachers who seem committed to their work and who can easily give examples or other tangible proof that meditation has helped them in their personal life. If you are going to opt for an online teacher, we advise you to go for those specialists who provide a wide range of downloadable as well as personalized meditation tips for each individual via e-mail or by some other means of communication.

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