Character to choose the hairstyle

Posted by serena on October 14th, 2013

Agreement on the character to choose the hairstyle , some people like advertising, some people are very subtle, and some people seem very happy , if you want to choose according to your own situation.
Introverted, shy away from the conversation of people choose Flip- natural hair .
Cheerful handsome man must choose the current wave of hair and hairstyle.
Lively personality , innocent people will choose the option of long-haired fancy hairstyle.
Gentle, calm, select the merits of long hair .
Short hairstyle is generally suitable for a frank , with men and women with Han gas.
For the crowd: a round face and a beautiful woman.
Lindsay - Lindsay Lohan ( Lindsay Lohan ) is a Hollywood party queen , her hair color from black to brown to gold, and finally changed back to the original black, who also made his Hollywood blond meet more complete personality . The volume of black hair is very light . Inadvertently , playful and sexy woman of the girl in this very flexible distributed .
For the crowd: quiet, shy beauty
For " girl jeans " star Alexis Ali - Bledel ( Alexis Bledel ), but until now, as "Gilmore Girls" accompany the audience through seven, she always held this quiet and shy quiet , and this is that the public loves a great reason. In an informal setting , it was a direct question now brown crowd the line of sight , soft and lightweight.
For the crowd: Career Beauty
Queen of fashion Gwen - Stefani (Gwen Stefani ) is known as the successor to Madonna . Although many people say modeling suspected of plagiarism predecessors , it still has unbridled road further and further. A bit of iconic platinum is that many people are afraid to try, and it alone can play very impressive. Gwen loved his own forehead meticulously combed hair exposed skinny feels neat.
For the crowd: elegant beauty and intellectual
Jessica - Simpson (Jessica Simpson ) , career and had half black girl singer Reality Show red, the taste of her dress seems to be career and forward . Once horrible, became brilliant surprise . This blonde is passed, it seemed that their hair is too confident , often my hair like the Lion King , the care of the Trendget best wigs hold sculpted hair is one of the most popular hairstyles of the time.Many popular hairstyle , the most important thing is to see what the most appropriate and popular hairstyle is not necessary to be good for you, but if not cut a suitable hairstyle for yourself , you will feel very comfortable , and it also look good.

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