Protect your Truck and Cargo with Bed rug and roll n lock Systems

Posted by AmandaTom on October 14th, 2013

Pickup trucks are highly efficient in the field of cargo transportation. These vehicle types offer high functionality in construction jobs. To maximize the performance of these vehicles, owners need to take care of the machine’s parts and engine. Protecting the bed of the vehicles is one of the most important requirements in this process. Bed rug can help you to protect the functionality and the style of the vehicle. Without a protective layer, your pickup truck would be vulnerable to scratches. Therefore, these vehicular bed covers are becoming very popular among the passionate truck users. Another utility option that offers protection with style is roll n lock system. With the help of these modern functions, you can lock down your cargo with high level of safety.  Today we will discuss about high quality bed liners and cargo locking features.

Primary Function of These Two Items

Bed liners are designed with 100% polypropylene material, which can save your vehicle from getting scratches. This tool offers a high level of comfort to your delicate cargo. Often truck drivers fill up their vehicular space with heavy materials. The weight of the materials can damage your car bed with heavy impacts during transportation. With protective bed liners, you do not have to care for the harsh conditions of using heavy and unstable cargo. These protective items can be designed according to your individual car space. Therefore, it fits your needs and offers you a high level of tailor made functionality.

Roll n lock systems are generally made from vinyl-over-aluminium blend. Therefore, it can assure you safety in any circumstances. Its access process and design can be modified to offer you high performance level and maximum storage. It comes with tail gate lock to improve the protective mechanism. Plus, you can access the storage space through remote.

Why Do You Need The Best Quality?

To protect your truck from damage, you need to use high quality tools. Some people try to compensate their requirements by using ‘spray on’ bed liners, rubber bed mats, and plastic made products. These items can offer you efficiency but not for extended period of time. Plus, most of these items offer a slippery surface, which can be problematic during loading or unloading the cargo. A quality bed rug is designed to endure pressure and provide a stable ground to your heavy cargo. These items are designed with high quality material that can suite different make and model of your vehicle. Its main function is to create a void free surface for your cargo, thereby ensuring the safety of your vehicle.

Quality roll n lock systems also have special features such as rust free metal surface, electronic access, protection from environmental hazards etc. This system offers protection to our cargo materials.


Features of a high quality bed rug include-

•             A rugged blend of high quality plastic material that reduces the chance of scratch

•             Its surface is soft to your skin

•             It is designed to endure environmental hazards such as- rain, heat, snow etc.

•             Toxic materials such as- battery acid, bleach etc can’t damage its surface

Features of a high quality roll n lock systems include-

•             It comes with built in tail gate lock

•             Remote controlled opening and closing features

•             Its design offer a frictionless access and installation

•             It comes with warranty

As the information shows, these two items are highly effective in offering high level security to your truck and cargo both.

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