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Posted by AmandaTom on October 16th, 2013

Testing, especially regression testing can be quite an arduous and repetitive task. QTP or QuickTest Professional is one among the many automation tools that can make testing automatic. Using QuickTest Professional both regression and functional testing can be done through automation and this ensures that resources are used in more productive work. QuickTest Professional professionals are known to be among the most critical of human resources for any IT organization. A career in this domain is always upward rising provided someone has the knowledge and the expertise. Online QTP tutorial is one of the ways one can improve their career in this domain.

If you are thinking of places where you can get access to QTP tutorials then you have come to the right place here. Here you get information on websites that offer free tutorials on QTP. Some of the best tools on QuickTest Professional are actually available for free on the net. This seems hard to believe but this is a fact.

The best way to get started on QuickTest Professional for a beginner is to buy some books. While the market is flooded with books with QuickTest Professional as the subject there are some that are really make QuickTest Professional learning easy. Three books that I can immediately think of are Microsoft WSH and VBScript Programming for the Absolute Beginner by Jr Jerry Lee Ford, QuickTest Professional Unplugged: 2nd Edition by Tarun Lalwani and QTP Descriptive Programming Unplugged: Master Object Identification Techniques by Tarun Lalwani. Now these books don’t come free for you. But even information about these books is useful and this is just one benefit you get from your QTP tutorial.

Of course books only cover the theoretical part of QuickTest Professional. What really makes the difference is practical knowledge. As you go through websites that offer free QTP tutorial you find many practical resources. All you need to do is sign up with these websites and you start getting these resources. There are free videos that you can access to improve your skills as a QTP developer and there are free codes sent to your inbox so that you can practice real life QuickTest Professional automation codes.

Whether you want to know about the basics of QuickTest Professional or you want information on automation methodologies or whether you want to know about external tools that can enhance your QTP knowledge your QTP tutorial has all of it. Comprehensive information about each and every aspect of HP QuickTest Professional is available on these websites and you can get all of it for free.

When you learn from the experience of others you tend to learn best. When you visit your QTP tutorial website you get to read articles and blogs from experienced QTP professionals. Each and every aspect of QuickTest Professional is covered in these blogs and professionals with the sole aim of making you know more. There is no marketing gimmick involved here if that’s what you are thinking. All you get is pure knowledge that is critical for your professional success.

Use free online QTP tutorial and you will get to know everything about QTP that you need to know.

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