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Posted by AmandaTom on October 16th, 2013

Are you a QTP professional? If you are then it’s extremely important to know all about this line of information technology. HP QuickTest Professional is an automation tool that automates functional and regressive testing. As someone starts off their career in the line of HP QuickTest Professional their job roles change with their experience. However, it’s not easy to climb up the ladder of success without the right kind of QTP help. While there are books to read and one can learn from their professional experience staying in regular touch with online HP QuickTest Professional resources is always an additional benefit.

For someone new to HP QuickTest Professional some of the essential skills include basic understanding of functional and regressive test automation and QuickTest Professional framework implementation; basic understanding of QTP IDE including object identification and repository, step generation and data table creation and management; exposure to VBScript; knowledge of descriptive programming and test recording.

As one becomes more experienced in QuickTest Professional their job roles start changing. QTP professionals with experience engage in jobs like developing automation resources, analyzing QuickTest Professional applications, running and debugging tests, generating reports and modifying tests as per the client requirements. Highly experienced QuickTest Professional professionals are also expected to understand end to end modularities and scenarios, enhancing tests and collecting and analyzing test data.

All these job roles are well defined. What is sometimes not done well is managing the professionals. In the IT industry the clients want everything as of yesterday. So, there are always deadlines to meet. As a result many professionals simply end up following the tried and tested methods. Innovation is simply thrown out of the window becuase people don't have the time for their self development. With QTP help online this issue can be taken care of easily. There are enough resources available online on QuickTest Professional and one can use these resources whenever they have some time on their hands. Otherwise it becomes a vicious circle where knowledge is demanded but no time is given to acquire knowledge. The concept of a defined career path goes for a toss.

When you opt for online QTP help you get real life problems to solve and their solutions. Websites that offer resources for QuickTest Professional give you everything you need to make this your career. You have lists of books you can purchase and buy and you also get to read articles and blogs on the topic to understand what is happening in the QuickTest Professional world. When you subscribe to newsletters you get free videos and codes that help you solve the most complex and intricate problems and work out their solutions. And since there are websites that offer all the QTP help for free you don’t even feel the pinch.

Use online QTP help to know all that you need to know about the HP QuickTest Professional tool. Very soon you will see professional development as a QTP professional. And at every step these resources will continue to assist you.

You have the option to know all about real life QTP applications using online QTP help.

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