Asian Fashion Sweater Match with Long Dresses

Posted by 7efashion on October 17th, 2013

Preface: a beautiful dress, the girls love it by hearts, cold how to do, naturally, is with a jacket, a knitted jacket is a very good choice, Here and beauty network a look long skirts and sweaters with it, there must be one that you love.

Sweater dress

Thin sleeve knit korean asian clothing tops, to catch a split chiffon print dress, blouse loose a belt tied around his waist. 

Sweater dress

Chiffon dress outside the ride a knitted wool cardigan coat, color similar, small boots add a handsome, wide-brimmed hat is bright.

Sweater dress

Knit tops strapless pleated skirt to catch the green algae, skirt drape good sense, the overall style is very fresh and clean, reveals a little sexy.

Sweater dress

Knit tops strapless pleated skirt to catch the green algae, skirt drape good sense, the overall style is very fresh and clean, reveals a little sexy....

Sweater dress

Green sweater to catch a print dress, reflective sunglasses are bright spots, the overall style is very sweet, indeed, there is scope to develop the goddess.

Sweater dress

Dark red dress outside the ride a black knit long coat, sports shoes and dress color with very echo, in with the overall style of a handsome casual.

Sweater dress

Striped shirt matches with a black skirt, outside the ride ah a thin coat of gray knit, warm and natural.

Sweater dress

White shirt with red dress, the overall style is many girls’ favorite, but also adds a handsome black bag.

Sweater dress

Nude color knit shirt with a small skirt, things take a denim jacket.

Sweater dress

Knit turtleneck sweater, to catch a black chiffon dress, leather jacket a rivet, full of wild winds.

Print Dress + sweater

Very sweet print dress, collar design is also slightly College Wind cute, waist waist, showing body, outside the ride a thin white knit cardigan, complete and classic match.

Printed Chiffon Little Bra + Skirt + thin knit cardigan

Like show good figure, but do not want to be too sexy, printing plus small Bra skirt is definitely a good choice, thin knit cardigan to cover some of the exposed parts, sweet and slightly sexy.

Thin knit cardigan & dress

Word dress, coupled with belt, showing the waist, things take a thin lace knit cardigan, delicate and lovely.

Paintings thin knit cardigan &dress

Painting package hip dress, showing impressive figure, a long section of thin pink sweater Waipi, slightly veiled sexy, too cold, the overall color is very brisk.

Top + skirt + long knitted cardigan thin

Red jacket with cross package hip skirt, things take a long section of thin knit cardigan, fresh and natural colors, thick heels recommendations into light color high heels.

Strap dress + cardigan

Casual cute denim strap dress, things take a thin knit cardigan sweater, warm and natural, color light and pleasant.

T-shirt + skirt + cardigan

T-shirt matches with a black skirt casual, exposing sexy, chic, cute printed knit cardigan sweater, the overall color rosy, with casual.

Thin knit cardigan sweater & dress

Simple white dress, knit cardigan thin sweater outside the ride, tied a very colored belt, but the overall mix color is dark, you need other accessories to brighten the color sense.

Thin knit cardigan & dress

Dress sash, showing the waist, outside the ride a black knit cardigan thin, layered clothing to enhance the overall mix colors cool handsome.

Suit jacket + pants + sweater

White suit trousers and black jacket with a small top, reveal the body, outside the ride a white sweater, black and white classic match, handsome OL wind.

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