Fabrication of Colours in Silicone Rubber Products

Posted by Unitedsilicones on October 17th, 2013

You may or may not realise the importance of colour when it comes to producing high quality silicone rubber products, but the colour of the product could help indicate many different factors. Silicone products are able to adhere to colour extremely well which makes it an extremely versatile product for many different applications. Due to the reliability of silicone rubber products, companies around the world depend on them for a variety of uses, with colour differential being the common factor determining which products would be used for certain applications. Customised colours also are used to help companies stand-out in the market place, branding their product as different or unique.

Reliability of Coloured Silicone Rubber Products

Once a coloured ink has been added to a silicone rubber product, you can expect the same performance and durability that you would come to expect from traditional coloured products. The creation of coloured silicone products combines intense levels of high heat and are consistent with repeatable results just as other silicone rubber products. The accuracy in size and weight is never compromised when colour is added to any type of silicone product, which is why coloured products are frequently being requested in the food industry, automotive industry, and many other industries here in the UK.

Accuracy of Coloured Silicone Rubber Products

There is nothing more important than accuracy in colour, especially when branding or marketing is involved in the creation of the silicone rubber products being produced. All colours are tested through a quality assurance testing device called a spectrophotometer, which measures the intensity and accuracy of the colour. In scientific terms, this would be the actual wavelengths of the light being reflected within the silicone product. This process helps to ensure both accuracy and reliability of the silicone rubber products being manufactured in-house.

For more information about silicone rubbers products available for production here in the UK, contact United Silicones located in Hampshire. Their friendly staff would love to assist you by answering any questions or concerns you may have about any of their silicone rubber products, including coloured silicone products.

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