The Gielnor that you left behind is changing

Posted by sarahbulaiman on October 18th, 2013

I hope that the powers that Guthix gave unto me may serve well in bringing justice and protection upon the world that you now live in.However, I must inform you that I am not blind. I care greatly for this place, and I would like to it prosper under your Runescape 3 Gold. Hold strong to your values, Lord. If you should become the very monster you sought to wipe away from this place, then I will have to ask you to depart peacefully.And if it should happen that you provide a significant threat to the world I care for, then certain actions must be taken.

Please understand that I only wish to maintain the justice that you promised unto this world. Prove yourself no better than your enemies, and I will bury you.A letter to Guthix, wherever you may be:The Gielnor that you left behind is changing, hopefully for the better. Now a god has come to this realm promising peaceful coexistence and justice. I have placed my support behind Lord Armadyl in an effort to be rid of the other gods that would bring terrible things upon this place.

I have faith that he will not play as a tyrant over us. I have hope that he may help us make the sixth age a prosperous one.I understand that I was given my powers in an effort to drive away the Gods and allow mortals to make the world as they wished. I am watchful, as always. It may be that Armadyl will prove invaluable to preserving Gielnor.However, I am prepared to turn against him in the event that he should betray his ideals and become a negative force upon this world. If it should come to pass, then I will do everything necessary to bring Gielnor back under control of mortals. He will be banished at once, as you banished him before. And if he should prove to be as dangerous as Skargorath was, then I will follow your example, and send him crashing down.Gielnor will not fail.

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