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Hunting Guns: Why Choose The Semi-Automatic

Posted by TuanSilver on September 1st, 2020

The Automatic is currently the most widely used rifle by hunters and its commercial success is due to the fact that it has a versatility that other rifles do not have and above all, the advantage of being able to fire repeatedly up to the third shot.

Moreover, the manufacturers, given its success, have continued to invest in the technology of this weapon, drastically reducing the risk of jamming present in some rifles of the past, particularly during the rearmament phases.

At the same time they tried to study materials and innovations that would allow over time to make it more precise and manageable, all at fairly low cost in order to create a clientele that was not a niche but a mass one. AvidTacticals is the great site for providing great tips and review of many hunting gear.

The ammunition manufacturers have acted hand in hand, creating a wide range of cartridges perfectly suitable for use with this type of rifle.

When is a shotgun defined as automatic and when is it semi-automatic?

Well the answer is simple; automatic repetition is defined when all the rearming and firing phases take place in succession, without the intervention of the user who, if he wants to fire repeatedly, just has to keep his finger pressed on the trigger. It is the same type of operation that can be found on a machine gunor a machine gun, types of automatic weapons absolutely forbidden for hunting and reserved exclusively for military forces.

It differs from a semi-automatic shotgun in that in this case the cycle takes place without the intervention of the user until the reset is complete, but if you want to fire another shot it is necessary to press the trigger again.

The first type of hunting semi-automatic put on the market in the past has not had a big response for malfunctioning defects as it is built with large mass shutters and with fixed barrel; in fact, these gave rise to jamming problems and, therefore, after specific studies, the setting of the weapon and its components was modified.

Semi-automatic barrel long recoil mobile: operation

In this type of automatic, the recoil of the barrel directly feeds the kinematics as the recovery gases simultaneously push the barrel, bolt head and bolt backwards for about 90 mm inside the gun frame, compressing the release spring to the maximum. barrel recovery and bolt recovery. These reset the battery, when the pellets come out of the barrel which resumes its initial position, while the shutter remains locked backwards.

In its forward motion, the barrel causes the cartridge case to be ejected, takes the next cartridge from the magazine to place it on the elevator and releases the bolt which, behind the thrust of the compressed spring, closes by pushing the cartridge inside the cane.

Short-recoil movable barrel shotgun: operation

The operation is very similar to that described above with the difference that the barrel retracts only a few millimetres, while the bolt stroke continues up to the maximum compression of the spring by force of inertia, completing then the reloading operation as in the long recoil barrel model.

Semi-automatic with fixed barrel and gas extraction

In this gun, 2 or more holes are located about 25-32 cm from the live breech; they convey part of the gases generated by the shot into an expansion cylinder welded under the barrel. Inside the cylinder there is a piston connected to the cocking rod which, in turn, is connected to the shutter.

When the gases fill the cylinder, they push back everything connected to it, including the shutter, up to the maximum compression of the spring. When the effect of the gas ceases, everything returns forward and the bolt, closing, carries out the rearmament of the rifle as already described.

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