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Posted by AdrianRocker on October 19th, 2013

Six Sigma is not a new thing, it is recognized all over the world and people are taking pride in doing certified courses and getting trained as Six Sigma experts. The training is possible for online certificate programs that are easily accessible through different search engines. The different experts that get their training to become Six Sigma experts are those who attain complete knowledge in the course and are termed according to their expertise as ‘black belts, yellow belts, green belts, etc.’

The main aim of the online certificate programs of Six Sigma is to earn money by saving it. All those companies that invest a lot of money in applying different strategies and hiring different experts in trying to tackle different business issues and problems, these companies can save almost one billion dollars per annum if they have their own experts which are made by the Six Sigma certification.

When different experts, including the Six Sigma experts are hired they charge a lot of money. Obviously, they are providing you with their expert strategies to reduce any kind of problems and issues that arise due to different things. These experts are called the Master Black Belts in the course and they have ample knowledge and are well versed in every technique to take care of any kind of problem related to business or production of any product.

The level of experience and knowledge that these people have the different things that are a part of the expertise and courses cannot be achieved through reading books are learning from a private instructor. You need to have connection with the experts or Master Black Belts of the course who would provide you proper guidance. These professionals how ever would not be able to give you any kind of certificate for what you have learnt, so in order to get a better system of management you should check out the online certificate programs. There are several programs available for the different experts. The Six Sigma Champion program is an online course, which gets completed within a three month period. It is charged nominally and the learner is awarded a certificate of doing the course.

The Six Sigma White Belt course is done with thirty days only and does not cost much. It only provides a few basics of the course, the deployment of projects and defining phase. Its certificate is also provided accordingly. The Six Sigma Yellow Belt program has a duration of 90 days. This training includes all the details of the white belt training along with the addition of process mapping, cause and effect and FMEA. The Six Sigma Green Belt is comparatively a higher stage and takes almost a year to get complete. The online certificate course for this belt has two charges respectively. The Six Sigma Black Belt is one of the highest belts and can be gained easily. This training is helpful for all those who need project certification.

You can find online certificate programs for six sigma if you check this link for more information.

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