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Posted by AmandaTom on October 20th, 2013

A portrait is one of the best artistic creations. Almost everyone wishes to see oneself being painted with lot of attention and care. Back in the early centuries even the kings used to appoint artist for creating their queen’s portrait. Although, in the past, these artists were lowly paid, today they are one of the most celebrated personalities. While visiting art galleries, you might often think of hanging one of such paintings to your room’s wall too. But the mere thought of huge expense might have been preventing you from doing so. Well, no more ignoring such wishes. Over the years companies have come up who has employed some experienced professionals to create painting from photo. You would be completely stunned to see the marvelous creations done by the artists. The professional artists develop photo to painting using their years of skills and knowledge just to make the piece of art livelier.

In terms of money, these companies offer paintings at competitive prices. These paintings are normally delivered within a short span, say, a week. However, you will be astonished to know that a few can also deliver painting from photo within 24 hours. Isn’t that amazing? All the professional artists are very fast in accomplishing their assignments. But that doesn’t mean they compromise with the quality. None of the artists will ever do that. You can always expect same quality of work even though it is completed within lesser time.

The best thing about these companies is that they can deliver customized photos as well. Give them some of your snaps and they will merge them together to create a unique photo to painting. However, they can do some minimum editing such as removing or adding background, the subject will always remain the same. The professionals do freehand drawing without any computer usage. Moreover, if you aren’t totally happy with the work, they can give you a refund without any queries. The best part is you can keep a constant check on the work progress as the professionals will keep you updated always.

Well, the artists work catering to different painting styles. This includes oil painting, color pencil, water color and pencil sketch. It is upto you to select amongst one of these. However, oil painting can cost you a little more when compared with other. The cheapest amongst all would be pencil sketch. Before selecting one of the styles you can simply ask for the price chart and find out what would be affordable for you.

Apart from painting from photo, you can also place an order for the beautiful frames, offered by the same company. These frames comes in different styles such as deluxe, royal so on and so forth that normally comes with wooden material. When it comes to gifting someone whether on the day of marriage or any other occasion, photo to painting portraits provided with a wonderful frame can just be the ideal gift. Well, Christmas is knocking at the door. How’s about gifting such mesmerizing piece of art to your near and dear ones?

If you are looking for painting from photo portraits, Your Art Now is the ultimate company to contact. The artists are extremely professional and experienced and create amazing photo to painting portraits for their customers.

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