How to Matches Korean Fashion Wind Coat to be Warm

Posted by 7efashion on October 21st, 2013

Preface: In order to be unique in cool autumn, except sweaters, you choose windbreaker. In addition to the efficacy of wind and rain outside, coat of design in a different mix of as a finishing touch, like magic. Coat’s texture will not allow modeling seem heavy, more can be modify body with a belt. Korean fashion clothing always be popular all over the world.

[Winter coat collocation skill]

Loose low-cut T-shirt collocate with short shorts highlights the beauty of legs; black boots can make girls look more sexy, especially matches with a knee jacket. This style is very attractive.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 2]

Mature women, you can try retro wave dots winter wild leopard skirts, to matches with windbreaker jacket, will make you release a mature intellectual style.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 3]

Drape-style dress matches with drape-style windbreaker jacket, creating a lazy sexy style; denim skirt lining fabric matches with coat being very suitable, casual but temptation.

[Winter coat collocation skill 4]

Double denim is very popular this year, matching with the light-colored coat and cowboy style is very coordinated and more prominent handsome and casual.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 5]

Want to stand out in the dreary winter, you can try mustard yellow stitching windbreaker jacket, matching with a black dress and black high heels.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 6]

Leather dress matches with a beige trench coat on great winter feeling. In knitted hats and high heels to add dazzling colors can create sophisticated styling and youth became one.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 7]

Printed equally is indispensable element in the autumn, matching with a simple light-colored shirt and skirt, black and white printing windbreaker jacket, fresh and stylish.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 8]

Windbreaker jacket matches with a black suspender pants and black boots, foreign deepen blue windbreaker jacket, round neck T-shirt inside the ride implicit, if revealing sexy, cool neutral with the perfect plus.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 9]

Wear colorful long-sleeved shirt inside, and roll up the cuffs to make a good block of random differences, wearing accessories exaggerated gold, ideal for stylish office workers.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 10]

The casual windbreaker jacket straps through the gap opening show different levels of material and color differences, then the sleeves rolled up, to create a casual Sui sexy.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 12]: army green coat long paragraph minimalist

Wide loose style, a bit of a literary Korean style, army green long coat is very temperament, especially matching with a colorful collar.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 13]: double cut 3D two piece windbreaker

Individually designed 3D two piece windbreaker, double cut is unique and personal, lines are quite smooth, shows cool style.

[Winter coat collocation skill 14]: loose long-sleeved denim coat lapel

Typical unique coat design, use denim fabric, natural rustic; lapel long-sleeved, mix and match all show you endless handsome and capable.

 [Winter coat collocation skill 16]: Khaki Hooded long coat waist cape

The coat is very stylish. The detail design process is in place, the version is thin, you can loose, you can tighten the belt, one can wear a variety of styles.

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