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Posted by adairsawyer on October 21st, 2013

LDPE, short for low density polyethylene, is the #4 recycling plastic used that is a flexible and strong product used to make many products. If you are a LDPE Buyer interested in the LDPE Recycling, here at BlackBridge Investments you can find exactly the products you are searching for. Enter our website and take a look at the various services we have to offer to our clients and decide in which you are interested the most. After that, contact us and get a quote!

Nowadays, in the world of the LDPE Recycling markets, there is a huge demand for this type of scrap plastic. Our company is a LDPE Buyer that purchases all types of scrap plastic and sells it to buyers who make grocery bags, food wraps, squeezable bottles, containers, bread bags and other such useful items. Since 1933, when LDPE appeared, more modern polymers have appeared and are now competing on the market but that has not affected the demand for LDPE recycling customers.

As we put each customer on the first place, our aim is to create durable relationships with all our customers. We want to offer only the best service that comes to meet all the customer’s needs. Thus, our aim is to a reliable supply chain so that the companies that need to sell recycled plastic to be able to sell easily and in a fast manner and those who want to buy such products to be able to receive them from reputable sources. Our whole company is based on three simple principles, namely reliability, relationships and innovation.

As we use advanced technology and Web-based tools, we can simplify the entire process, whether you are looking to sell or buy recycled plastic. In this industry, you must be able to track orders and to fill systems with the required documentation and you need to do it fast. Using the pencil and paper is no longer a viable solution and this is where technology can save the day. We build our own technology solutions so that we can create efficient internal tracking processes in order to be able to offer an updated inventory listing for each customer who require one.

As a LDPE Buyer, we know all the categories of recycled plastic available and we can offer them all to you. Just tell us the material you need and we will put it at your disposal. Moreover, we offer a fair market price and faster shipping at lower costs. This is possible as we have a nationwide network of freight companies from which to choose depending on your requirements. Contact us any time and you will be able to talk with a member of our friendly customer support team which will explain to you all the details of the transaction and anything else you are interested in.

Being a LDPE Buyer, we are up-to-date with the requirements of the today’s LDPE Recycling markets! We complete every deal without any flaw and we take pride in the high quality service we have to offer.

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