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Inverter or Power Inverter is an electronic device that inverts Direct Current or D.C into Alternating Current or A.C. In general, current derives its identification through two units, namely Voltage and Wattage or Volt-Amperage (VA). The domestic consumption of current is usually 240 volts. Usually, batteries with 12 volts are used for converting into higher voltage A.C.

Depending upon the design of the inverter, the input voltage, output voltage and frequency vary. The output waves have four categories; Square Wave, Modified Sine wave, Pulsed Sine Wave and Sine Wave. From commercial utilities point of view manufacturers of inverters manufacture inverters that give output of either Modified Sine Wave or Sine Wave.

Basically, there are two designs for generating domestic plug-in voltage from a source of DC of lower voltage. In the first process, a switching Boost Converter is used for producing higher voltage of DC which is subsequently converted to AC. In the second process, first DC is converted to AC at the same voltage of the battery and is then the required output voltage is created by using a line frequency transformer.

Between the two commercial inverters, Sine Wave Inverter produces sine wave that has Total Harmonic Distortion (THD) below 3%. Comparatively, it is more complex and involves higher cost of production. THD is the ratio of the sum of powers of all harmonic components to the powers of the fundamental frequency. It is used for characterizing the linearity of audio systems and the power quality of electric power systems..

The output of an inverter can be described as ‘Peak or Surge and Continuous. The former describes the output that could be delivered for several minutes. Continuous ratings are limited by the heat required to be removed during its continuous running. Current can be measured either in wattage or Volt-Ampere or VA.

Inverter with charger is a compact electrical device that combines an inverter, a battery charger and transfer switch. When there is AC Power, the device recharges the DC source or the batteries. At the same time, any surplus AC power is passed through and power downstream AC loads like TV set or microwave oven. With the disconnection of AC power, the device inverts DC battery into AC power.

According to the specific need for application, sine wave inverters are available in the market in various power ranges and sizes for portability and mobility. While opting for any particular brand of sine wave inverter, it is very important to look into the safety features provided such as automatic shutdown for arresting depletion of batteries and quickness of charging.

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