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Posted by Johny Dean on October 22nd, 2013

Dogs are energetic animals. In many cases, they can be compared to small children who do not stand still for more than several seconds. But even children sleep at night more than dogs. This happens because the human brain is different than the one of a dog. Although dogs sleep around 10 hours a day, more or less depending on their breed, they do not sleep 10 hours in a row; their sleep is divided into several sleep cycles.

Owners that do not want to have problems with their pets at night train their pets to have a good night-time behaviour, which is to sleep. But what can you do if you run a dog shelter, where dogs have been collected from the street, or from various locations where they had been treated with indifference by everyone around them? Although it is possible to change a dog’s behaviour at an adult age, it is extremely difficult. And unfortunately, not every dog shelter has a dog psychologist.

In this case, the best solution is to deal with this problem, instead of trying to solve it. Purchase some galvanised dog kennel sections and have the dogs protected at night. Make sure to observe the relationships that are formed between the dogs and place in a kennel section only dogs that get along well. If dogs are let free at night, most likely some territorial disputes could start, so try to prevent them by ensuring a bit of territory to any dog present, inside their kennel.

If you do not manage a dog shelter, nor a cattery, and buying galvanised dog kennel sections is not for you, since you do not have many dogs, consider installing some sliding hatches. A sliding hatch is a sort of a door designed for your precious pet, allowing it to enter and exit its house when it pleases during the day, and helping it stay inside its house during the night. This way, your sleep will not be disturbed by the dog’s barking.

Do not allow the dog to exit its house at night, not even if you love it very much. Dogs are intelligent beings, but sometimes they are like small children, and if a powerful wind starts or a heavy rain begins, they could desire to experiment it. Thus, they might catch a cold. Moreover, dogs let free at night and not kept inside the house with you, are prone to escaping and being smashed by hurried drivers. Protect your dog by installing some sliding hatches.

To install the right sliding hatch, first you need to measure your dog. Take its measurements and make sure the door is several centimetres larger than the dog. Then, start to cut out a hole in its kennel, to create an exit for your precious friend. Purchase a sliding hatch that fits the dimension of the new hole and mount it. During the day, let the hatch open to allow the dog to exit its house when it wants, but at night, keep the sliding hatch closed.

Galvanised dog kennel sections and sliding hatches are the best solutions if you have an energetic dog that likes to run around in the yard at night and does not let you sleep well. Protect your dog and invest in its well-being, while ensuring a good sleep to you too.

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