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Posted by AmandaTom on October 22nd, 2013

There are two categories of people that we are addressing in this article. The first category is of those people that are interested in gardening and take pride in the great plants they grow. Mighty Wash is a product that is made for them. The other category of people is those that always want to be enveloped with nice and fresh aromas. ONA Block is the product that is made for them. If you belong to any of these categories then it's worthwhile reading on.

One of the issues many gardeners face is with spider mites. To eliminate spider mites Mighty Wash is the product you need to use. Whether you want to eliminate spider mite eggs or spider mite adults this product offers you the perfect solution.

There are more than 1,200 species of spider mites and what they do for feeding is to puncture the plant cells, thus causing irreparable damage. Spider mites can grow in almost any climatic condition and they are what we call pests. With a few sprays of Mighty Wash you can eliminate them completely. This product comes in various sized bottles and you just need to spray the contents on the leaves, flowers and fruits. Don't dilute the product because you are not supposed to. Mighty Wash works in all growing conditions of your plants till the day of harvest.

ONA Block is a different product altogether and it is very effective in eliminating unpleasant smells. When your clothes lie in the closet for a long time they tend to give off a musty odor. When you wear these clothes you feel enveloped by this odor. No amount of perfume can take it away. As a result you are always conscious because you naturally feel that others can also get the odor. This product comes in 3 inch x 3 inch blocks and can fit into any space. You can even put one block in the garbage bin to eliminate the smell coming from it. Or you can keep it at the base of the diaper pail (if you have a baby at home). You will be amazed at how effective ONA Block is.

ONA Block can also be used outside. Two places where you can keep this product are inside of your gym bag and your car. This product has a very fresh aroma that is powerful enough to kill any sort of unpleasant smell. There are people that literally cringe when they are exposed to unpleasant odors. If you are one of them then this is the product for you.

Of course, both these products have very competitive price tags attached to them and this is what makes them great value for money. For any farmer Mighty Wash is a product that has to be kept handy at all times. It’s way better than using standard pesticides. And we’ve already mentioned about the ONA Block. If odor is what you want to remove you will through the use of this product.

With Mighty Wash healthy plants minus spider mites is very much possible. And to ensure you feel fresh all the time use ONA Block.

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