Sweet Knitting Top Collocate with Skirt in 2013 Autumn

Posted by 7efashion on October 23rd, 2013

Preface: early autumn, the temperature difference between day and night, dress wake up every morning, it naturally became the first fret. In fact, in such a multi-faceted weather, sweaters skirts match is undoubtedly a good choice, warmth without unduly bloated. Author introduces wholesale clothing China sweater + skirt match skills, hold live sweet so easy!

Autumn modeling a transfiguration

Collocation skill: vibrant red sweater with a full-spirited and enthusiastic, free unlock a few buttons, peeped lined vest, inadvertently showing a trace of sexy. Fresh and elegant floral skirts show the pastoral style.

Autumn turned modeling 2

Collocation skill:  white sweater dark green skirts, are simple and elegant. Neatly withheld sweater buttons, fills the dignified elegance. Knee-length skirts, warm and not afraid emptied. Roman high-heeled shoes to add a bit mature charm.

Autumn turned styling 3

Collocation skill: overall shape of the classic black and white with the use. Black and white striped sweater lace adds a bit on the lovely and lively. Black A-line dress is just enough to cover the buttocks fat, modified hip line. Fish head high heels and ankle add a bit cool.

Autumn turned modeling 4

Collocation skill: white chiffon shirt match gray skirts, simple and elegant. Hat and black shoes is more dignified.

Autumn turned styling 5

Collocation skill: pullover wholesale cheap dresses sweater vest lined vaguely revealing, sexy without over-exposure. Printed waist skirts elegant fresh, filling and refined temperament.

Autumn turned styling 6

Collocation skill: printed skirts Pope gives a fresh feeling. Waist and A word skirt design just right to decorate the waist and hip line. Dark blue sweater is dignified and elegant.

Autumn turned styling 7

Collocation skill: blended knitwear design is unique, vaguely revealing lined vest, sexy. Pink bag hip skirt shows graceful curves. Pink shoes and pink bag hip skirt echoes, add a bit cute and lively.

Autumn turned styling 8

Collocation skill: twist pullover sweater very nostalgic, honest and generous. Printed A-line dress is noble and dignified. Belt tied around his waist, showing a high waistline, significantly higher thin better.

Autumn turned styling 9

Collocation skill: skirts delicate embroidery skirt, A word skirt just enough to cover the buttocks fat, modified hip line. Simple and elegant gown lined knit. Beige knitted cardigan layered strong, warm and stylish.

Autumn turned modeling 10

Collocation skill: black T-shirt with black wholesale clothing from China sweater, mature and stable. Printed black red skirts breaking serious and boring. Nude colored fish head high heels add a bit charming, lie in the legs more slender.

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