You'll still have to be compelled

Posted by sarahbulaiman on October 24th, 2013

You'll still have to be compelled to replenish on smart food for healing, though, as they will do exactly as much injury as before. Dragon life purpose reduction: Green, blue, red, black, bronze, iron and steel dragons have had their life Runescape 3 Gold reduced, therefore human assignments for dragons won't take as long as they did. No more instant adrenaline loss throughout actions, and a new thanks to stall adrenaline: you'll not notice your adrenaline being instantly drained to 0 once activity actions that delay your character, like opening doors in Dungeoneering or once exploring the Barrows.

With this fix, you'll not be able to stall your adrenaline by reprimand or interacting with Associate in Nursing office like a familiar, but you'll be able to still keep your adrenaline topped up by using combat abilities which don't need a target. Resonance: Resonance - whereas even as smart at absorbing injury as it's always been - not heals you on special attacks from major bosses. Examples include Nomad's Disintegrate, or the Kalphite King's Burrow/Emerge attack.

So, whereas it's going to still assist you avoid huge hits from bosses, you won't be able to use it for healing, making food much more necessary (and valuable) for boss fights. Note that it still heals once fighting regular enemies. Berserk: Berserk currently halves your effective armour rating for the period, moreover as doubling the injury you deal and receive.

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