Leggings Exclusive Matching Style in Autumn

Posted by 7efashion on October 24th, 2013

Preface: Want Show the legs, keep warm and practical, Leggings are the most indispensable item! Standing a few leggings wardrobe is definitely value for money. Do you want to be thin? Try Korean Asian clothing, such as a loose blouse, there will be an unexpected surprise! 

Leggings matching style 1

Matching skill: Digital T-shirt with causal style, loose type can cover the fat upper body. Black T-shirt matching with white leggings is simple and elegant. One pair of fluorescent color shoes is light overall shape.

Leggings matching style 2

Matching skill: printed T-shirt is full pure refined temperament style; relaxed version of type reflects the small frame body. Fake two-pieces Legging allows you to easily get rid of matching annoyance, wrapped in a graceful package hip skirt curves. Brown boots can make your legs more slender.

Leggings matching style 3

Matching skill: orange T-shirt is simple and elegant, but also full lovely. Gray leggings can match clothes easy, such as matching with a comfortable pair of sports shoes will be ok.

Leggings matching style 4

Matching skill: lemon loose T-shirt looks energy, a long section design can cover the embarrassment of the hip. To match with gray legging and sports shoes can exude youthful vitality.

Leggings matching style 5

Matching skill: black and white stripes in the visual sense can bring infinite, to match with loose casual T-shirt and white leggings can modify legs lines.

Leggings matching style 6

Matching skill: pink pullover sweater matching with a dark blue dress will be warm and highlights the layering. You can also wear a printed scarve that can add a bit mature charm. And matching with gray leggings can modify legs lines.

Leggings matching style 7

Matching skill: blend pullover sweater is mature and elegant, loose version of the type just enough to cover the upper body fat. White leggings with harmony, brown boots make your legs more slender.

Leggings matching style 8

Matching skill: loose navy blue sweater is noble elegance, to wear with simple and elegant gray legging will be perfect. Brown boots so that the overall shape is more handsome.

Leggings matching style 9

Matching skill: white T-shirt is simple and elegant, to wear with fake two-piece leggings is really convenient.

Leggings matching style 10

Matching skill: large white sweater highlights the small skeleton figure, leisure and generous. Leggings with unique design show uninhibited personality. Rivet shoes add a bit cool.

Leggings matching style 11

Matching skill: hollow bat sleeve gown just enough to cover the arm fat, looming lined vest and a trace of skin, sexy. Dark blue leggings and a white shirt can match together with harmony, and can modify lgs lines.

Leggings matching style 12

Matching skill: loose gray T-shirt is simple and elegant, irregular hem cut expressing individuality. Black legging is thin and stylish. To wear with rose shoes add a bit charming.

Leggings matching style 13

Matching skill: loose white shirt is with a full neutral wind, peeped lined with a white T-shirt, enhanced sense of depth. Legging with unique color fills charming.

Leggings matching style 14

Matching skill: black T-shirt matching with gray cotton cap, is handsome, sexy strapless design without unduly exposed. Fake two-pieces Legging wrap a sexy hip line.

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