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Posted by audreytaylor on October 24th, 2013

Whether you require services of a Furniture Repairs London company depends on what kind of furniture you have. You probably won’t be too attached to a table your landlord bought in IKEA, that is unless you found your wedding ring and a letter proposing you to marry on it at the New Year’s Eve (some potential husbands can be very shy). If you find such a piece of purely functional furniture damage, you probably either won’t give it a second thought or just repair it yourself to the best of your abilities. Who knows, maybe you’ve dabbled in furniture repair or French Polishing London labor market yourself, and can do a decent job tending to unsightly scratches on a cupboard yourself without as much as going to the department store.

Or maybe you’re the best Furniture Repairs London specialist yourself, and thousands of wounded tables, chairs, cupboards, beds, bookshelves and such had felt your healing, mending touch. Maybe you’re also a French Polishing London wizard, and even have to fake a French accent because otherwise your clients don’t believe it’s you who’s doing the polishing and Furniture Repairs London so often needs. If you find your precious heirloom furniture and not an IKEA stool that has no place in your heart damaged, it’s a different story. First you notice a huge scratch on a bedside table that was a marvel of the French Polishing London exhibition.

Then you go through the several stages of loss and grief. First is denial and isolation. You deny the situation. The shock can be so strong and overwhelming that you might partially lose your skills that made you famous as a Furniture Repairs London specialist. Then the second stage sets it. You will feel angry at the cat for scratching the precious example of French Polishing London so adored. You will feel angry at the cat even if you never had a cat. This is a reaction instilled into our vulnerable human psyche by media. It’s normal, but please avoid showing other people that you are angry at a cat which doesn’t exist, as it can lead to a partial loss of your prestige as a down to earth Furniture Repairs London specialist with a stiff upper lip.

Plus cats, doesn’t matter if they exist or not, aren’t placed on this Earth to be angry at. They exist to be petted and fed and played with. Hopefully as you are reading this your anger on a non-existent cat that damaged the French Polishing London loved either subsided or got redirected at the author of this article. One way or another, brace for the next stage of grief over your beloved furniture and polish—bargaining. You’ll feel a need to regain control. You might attempt to sell your soul to less respectable astral beings as an attempt to find a good Furniture Repairs London company. Try to ignore this stage, it’s not really fun anyway. Then comes depression. It’s best to not self-medicate here, but if you absolutely can’t go to a certified professional because your favorite show is on, you can attempt to self-medicate with coffee and dark chocolate. Finally, acceptance stage comes. At this point, you should either attempt to repair the damage yourself or look for a qualified specialist that can do so.

If your IKEA table gets damaged, you’ll probably be able to repair it yourself. But if a more expensive or antique piece of furniture suffers damage, you should look for a Furniture Repairs London company. If the polish is damaged, search for French Polishing London company of good reputation.

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