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Posted by geniusshacktoysca on October 24th, 2013

Educational toys are significant in every baby nursery as they are useful to boost your baby’s development at every stage. These are most needed toys for children right from their birth till they grow up to be teens in life. There are different types of educational toys like puzzles, colors games, flash cards, board games, blocks, stacking toys and more available with children toys and accessories stores online.

Every type of educational toy has its own benefits that will augment your baby’s development. Few really notable benefits of educational toys for children can be:

  • Sensory skills – Educational toys for infants improve their sensory skills like the ability to recognize shapes, colors and touching different surfaces etc.
  • Visual clarity and knowledge – This is really a notable advantage of using educational toys for children. These toys improve your baby’s visual skills. It is with the help of educational toys your babies can get a clearer vision in learning colors, shapes, sizes etc. and they will identify objects and things quickly as they play more with educational toys.
  • Eye-hand Coordination – Educational toys can improve the eye-hand coordination of smaller children. Your baby gets to hold the toy tight and learn to co-ordinate holding and placing the toy to accomplish something while they are playing.
  • Memory Skills – Educational toys improve your baby focus, mind-coordination and they also improve their memory skills. Your children will learn things faster and with utmost interest.
  • Team Play and Individual Play – Your children can learn team playing skills, team work and advance faster as they use educational toys and play with other children. In case of individual play, these skills will keep them focused and interested for a longer span of time.

Apart from the above mentioned benefits there are special varieties of educational toys available for physically and mentally challenged kids too.

By using these toys you can support your child’s growth in a positive way. As your kids grow fast, engage them and encourage their play time by buying them educational toys. However make sure you buy toys without choking parts and toxic substances to ensure your child’s safety. These toys are not only meant for infants and toddlers but also for older kids too.

You can browse through the variety of educational toys at online toy stores in Canada to shop for the best educational toy for your children at affordable prices and with greater discounts and offers.

Author Bio:

Helen White is a Certified Management Accountant and is a mother of two young kids, she has seen her kids play with toys that don’t add much value or teach any skills. The kids get bored quickly and the toys end up in the storage box. As a result, Helen decided to focus her time promoting the value of playing while learning. She is inspired by Plato, the Greek philosopher, who said: “The most effective kind of education is that a child should play amongst lovely things.”

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