Studentmobiel sites provide different types of mobile phones.

Posted by AxelPrice on October 24th, 2013

Today it is almost impossible not to find a cell phone in anyone's pocket picked at random on the street. We are all fans of technology and we do not leave our homes without the trio MP3 player, digital camera and mobile phone, which have become part of our everyday life. But the technological revolution in communications segment bore another matter. What is the terminal that best meets your everyday communication needs? The answer to this question is usually the mobile phone. Either subscription or simyo, people choose to use mobile phones on a daily basis, and there are even some specialized categories, such as studentmobiel, for different social categories.

The category of multimedia terminals includes all those phones that are subject to the 3 in 1 rule. In other words, a single phone offers a pretty good digital camera, an MP3 player with a considerable storage capacity, and the ability to watch videos or TV broadcasts directly on your phone. Moreover, the terminal offers the possibility to shoot short videos. Do not expect, however, the photos or short films to be as good as those taken with a digital camera, as the miniaturization of components needed for these operations has not yet reached such a stage of development. The camera of a mobile phone should have at least 3 megapixels, and if you want to take pictures at night, a flash is required, preferably based on xenon, although most phones still have a led flash.

Fashion terminals are for all those for whom the lifestyle requires an association with a famous brand and for whom the mobile phone is a parallel way of expressing their personality or attitudes. They do not necessarily include advanced features, but they are actually an addition to a passion for design and accessories.

Mobile phones in the category of smart phones include a number of features and applications that you normally find on a notebook. Smartphone manufacturers have equipped them with features for both the business segment (browser for surfing the Internet, email, office documents editor) and some specific to the common user ,who is addicted to media (MP3 player, digital camera, SMS, MMS). Most terminals have either a QWERTY keyboard or a sensitive screen (touch screen). Almost all of them can be used for taking pictures and audio and video recordings of a satisfactory quality. Smart phones generally use an operating system which allows the installation of certain applications on the phone, offering a wide functionality. The most common operating systems for this type of mobile phones are Symbian OS, BlackBerry OS, iPhone OS, Windows Mobile, Android. Studentmobiel sites provide all sort of smart phones, by subscription or by simyo.

If you spend some time playing games on the phone or you use it to connect to the Internet and to watch videos or movies, we recommend a cell phone with a large display and a high resolution. A phone with a larger display is also indicated if you use your cell phone to keep in touch with friends and colleagues by sending e-mails from your phone or if you use it as a photo album to show your favourite photos to the people you meet.

Studentmobiel sites display all sorts of mobile phones and all those who are interested in buying one must choose from the variant with subscription, or the simyo one.

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