An industry filled with clones of past games

Posted by sarahbulaiman on October 26th, 2013

Unfortunately, when subscriber numbers were not looking up to scratch at Sony HQ, the NGE update was enacted, changing the game to a more 'traditional' style of gameplay much like that seen in Warcraft. Greed had destroyed a game that was quite possibly the closest that fans have come to a true MMORPG since the days of UO.

And so it comes to this. An industry filled with clones of Runescape 3 Gold, turning the genre into something more akin to the cigarette industry than entertainment, hooking in gamers and quite literally ruining lives ever since. With even a brief look back at the genre's history it's not hard to see that the focus has greatly shifted away from providing actual role-playing experiences and instead into becoming nothing more than a cash cow to be milked dry.

Of course some games will rise, as they do, to challenge this mindset, but ultimately it seems that profits have taken precedent over offering a truly great experience for the consumer. Think about this before you dive into your next 'great' MMORPG. Are you playing it for the same 'amazing and innovative' gameplay as I'm sure we've all played before, the great grind-fest of killing a bazillion faceless enemies just to get to the 'good stuff' or is there something better than this? Let's have the real games take back the genre that has become smeared by the likes of Warcraft and Everquest and have them admit what they really are: a force that is sapping the industry's creative strength with addictive, repetitive, cash cows and endless MMOGFGs.

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