Tips about Telephone Cable Installation

Posted by telecomquick on October 26th, 2013

Telephone cable is used in connecting telephone to the phone network box that is located outside the home. Telephone Company is responsible for installing and maintaining wiring outside the building and home. The company can also install telephone cable in every room or location as needed but you have to pay extra fee for this service. But, you can do the telephone cable installation yourself so that you save money. There are main four types of items that are involved when installing telephone cable wiring, equipment, topology and location. Installing this type of cabling is an amazing home improvement project. It is easy to do and test. It boosts the functionality of your home by increasing locations where you can plug the telephone.

The equipment that is required for this project includes drill, telephone wire, wire strippers and screwdriver. All these items can be bought at any home repair hardware store. When choosing your equipment, it is important that you consider quality telephone wire. Wall jack is a uniform item that should not be expensive. It is vital that you purchase a telephone wire or cable that is sturdy in order to ensure a long and a useful life. Walk around your house and think of the place where you are going to install the telephone outlet or jack. A telephone outlet needs to be there in every room and it is good to locate off the ground. This offer the most options for telephone location and does not affect the décor. The exception to this rule is a phone either in the kitchen or bathroom. In these areas the telephone should be installed below eye level.

When it comes to wiring the cable, the first step is making a hole in the drywall where the jack is going to be installed. The hole needs to be small than the wall jack, so that the faceplate will cover the hole. Then attach a weight to the end of the cable and drop it down the hole. You can request for help from somebody through going to the basement and searching for the telephone cable. Once they get it they can pull it to the right position.

Avoid cutting the cable length from the roll until it is connected to the main telephone box. This is vital because it will make sure that you are going to have enough cable that will accommodate any obstacles that it requires to overcome. For telephone cables there are mainly two topography options direct and daisy chain. In a direct model every telephone outlet is connected independently to where the main box is. A daisy chain model will allow you to split the cable that is going to the phone jack and run telephone cable to another room. The downfall of the daisy chain model is that it is hard to troubleshoot.

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