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Posted by Johny Dean on October 26th, 2013

A house can be heated in several ways, and the choice of the most economical heating system is the number one concern of most homeowners. Every home needs a heating system and the possibilities to choose from are endless. You have a choice between gas central heating, wood-fired power central heating, electric central heating, fireplaces and stoves; the fuel is the one who decides the extent of the heating bill. All these variants can be installed by heating engineers Derby contractors provide. They can also be of help whenever you need boiler repair Derby.

Gas central heating systems are the most commonly used because the fuel they use, that is gas, is cheaper when compared to other fuels. They are found in a variety of designs: with natural draft or forced draft or condensing. Some have sealed combustion rooms, others have combustion boilers. Another criterion for differentiation is instantaneous heating of domestic water or the existence of a boiler connected to the central, which will take care of it.

Gas fuel based central heating is one of the most common and most effective methods of heating. But not all areas have access to gas, and this causes people to find heating systems that run on other fuels. One of the most simple and convenient solutions is represented by the central heating that runs on electricity. Installing them is simple and quick and does not require complex actions.

Electric central heating requires a special power branching and does not have a high power heating. Some large houses with one or two storeys may need an electric central on every floor. The initial cost is high, and it will consume more power, so the price of electricity bill can get very high in winter months. Most of these electric central heating systems function in parallel with an electric boiler that produces hot water, so it implies extra costs.

When we think of a heating system, we often think of their implicit cost, but also of their accessibility and the dose of comfort that the heating system ensures. In terms of comfort, electric central heating systems are some of the easiest to use, because they can be operated with only one button, they are easy to program and use, and especially they do not need regular cleaning, as is the case of central heating on wood or pellets.

In addition, most central heating systems that run on electricity are equipped with a self-diagnostic function. In case an error of some kind appears, the central signals this via electronic display, so you will know when to call the heating engineers Derby for a boiler repair Derby. Their job will be much easier for they know where to look for the problem. However, the boiler and the pipes through which water flows should be cleaned regularly. About once a year it is recommended to do a cleaning of the entire boiler system so that it can operate normally for a longer period of time.

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