All that you need to know about a hot tub pump

Posted by tedmark on October 26th, 2013

Hot tub pumps are integral parts of spas. These pumps help you to fill up the hot tubs with fresh and clean water. Thus, it is always important to get a top-notch hot tub pump in a spa. A hot tub pump ensures that the massage jets are powered and working properly. It also keeps the water contained in the tub clean by circulating it. By pumping water by means of the heater, the spa pump helps in heating the spa. Other electronic gadgets in the spa supervise to ensure that the hot tub is functioning in the appropriate manner. They call for heat and check   if proper circulation is going on. The more advanced devices offer error messages to assist in troubleshooting a problem if something ceases to work properly.

A hot tub pump is made of two sections. They are:

•             The dry section

•             The wet section

The location where the electrical motor exists is the dry section of the spa pump. This section drives and propels the other section. The wet section consists of an impeller that helps in moving the water contained in the tub. Both the sections function together to take out water. Thus, before choosing a hot tub pump, you should ensure that both the dry and wet section of the chosen pump has high efficiency.

There are certain factors that you need to keep in mind while venturing out to buy a hot tub pump:

•             Power: You should enquire about the horsepower that you need. If you have a smaller hot tub or a tiny pool, you can go for a smaller spa pump with 1.5-2 horsepower. If you want to have a larger hot tub or pool, a pump with 3-5 horsepower would suffice.

•             Sound Produced by the Device: Try to choose a model that does not create too much noise when you are in the tub. If you buy a noisy pump, it will spoil all your enjoyment of enjoying the warmth spread by the hot tub. There are many hot tub pump models that create almost no noise. 

•             Jets: If you have a big swimming pool, it is better to go for a multi-jet controllable pump. For a smaller hot tub or pool, a single-jet pump is a better choice. There are many companies that provide units with single as well as multi-jets.

•             Convenience of Replacing Parts: It is always advisable to purchase a hot tub pump whose parts can be easily replaced without many hassles. It is important to get a branded pump because the high-quality pumps have lesser malfunctioning chances. Make sure that the replacement parts of the chosen pump are easily available in the market.

•             Durability: It is important to get a pump that would last long. You should inquire about how long the similar models last.

In the present era of internet technology, getting a high-quality hot tub pump or spa pump is not at all difficult. You can browse through a reliable site and choose a suitable hot tub pump.

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