The six sigma green belt is for all employees

Posted by AdrianRocker on October 27th, 2013

Six Sigma certification is one of the most prized certifications that are sought after by several organizations around the world. Candidates who have certification in six Sigma are much more valued than those who do not have one. The duration of the entire course can range from one month to even up to a few months. It completely depends on the interest of the candidate.

Many people who take up the six sigma green belt program think that it would be enough if they just take the program for the basic level. However, to be able to reap all the benefit of the six sigma methodologies, a person would have to take even the six sigma black belt.

The six sigma green belt is the basic level of the six sigma and takes about two weeks to complete. Candidates are put into a classroom where they learn and understand about the various principles pertaining to the six sigma methodologies. As soon as they finish the six sigma green belt, the candidate is allowed to put in all thoughts into implementing what he has learned in the six sigma training classes.

The six sigma black belt classes are much more intense and can puts a lot of pressure on the candidate than the six sigma green belt. However, at the end of the course, the candidate will be able to master the skills of problem-solving and effectively completing any project that is given to him. Many of the candidates who take up a six sigma training course find that are easily absorbed into the job market if they don’t have a job already. If they already have a job and are only taking the six sigma black belt course to better themselves, they will find that they are able to get promotions and bonuses by the company that they work in, so that they are retained in the same company.

In today’s economy, people find that completing a six sigma black belt course is very beneficial. With the crisis of the economy, organizations make use of the analytical skills and the problem solving skills of the six sigma trained professionals to be able to help the company understand the areas in which they can cut back on expenses without having to lose any employees. The ability to be able to keep an employee within a company is by making sure he has leadership qualities that the six sigma training puts into them.

Even when companies are trying to come up in a good economy, the six sigma professionals will be able to device strategies to do the same. The time taken complete the entire training could take up to 6 months. The leadership qualities that are drilled into the candidates in the 6 months is very extensive and it is up to the candidate to make sure that he implements whatever he studies in the class, at work as well.

If you choose to do only the six sigma green belt you can do just that or you can choose to do the six sigma black belt as well for a complete certification.

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