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Posted by sarahbulaiman on October 28th, 2013

I interviewed Tom to find out how he took those steps from being a gamer to being an author, how the Jagex community responded and of course, advice for those wishing to follow in his Runescape 3 Gold. On top of this, Titan Books have given Destructoid an exclusive excerpt from the latest RuneScape book, Return to Canifis.

Firstly Tom, tell me a little bit about yourself; how you got into gaming and of course your time with RuneScape.

I am in my early thirties now, which means I grew up in an age where gaming was migrating from being based around a player's imagination, with books and dice, to computers and online. I hadn't played any of these games since my school years and my curiosity was piqued by RuneScape. After I signed up, I played it for a few months and thought, "If books based on pen and paper games can do well, like those of DragonLance or the Forgotten Realms, then a set of novels based on an online community such as RuneScape could do well also. Furthermore, they could provide an interaction with the player that books based on the older, pen and paper model could never attain." It was, and still is, an exciting prospect.

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