Ways To Get Great ROI From Your Holiday Parties

Posted by planaheadevents on October 29th, 2013

With the end of the year quickly approaching, many organization already have their holiday or end of year party planning in full swing. After year of hard work, it’s a great way to reward your employees for their loyal service. It’s also a great way for your staff to cut loose a little and fosters corporate unity by allowing team members to get to know one another on a more personal level outside of the office environment. However, according to many event planning companies, these events can be more than just a party. When planned properly, companies can get great ROI from holiday parties. How so? So, let’s have a look at some key ways to get the best out of company holiday parties.

Consider Hiring anExperienced Event Planning Company

Everyone wants their company holiday parties to be successful, expedient and cost effective. Therefore, it is very important to entrust the responsibility to someone who has adequate experience of business event planning, likePlan Ahead Events. Once you have selected a good event planner, allow the organization's event planner to work with an empowered leader in human resources or marketing - someone authorized to approve the plan.

Invite Key Clients and Vendors

Take advantage of company holiday parties as opportunities to interact with your key clients and vendors outside of a normal business setting. It will go a long way to reinforcing those real relationships that you are trying to create and show that you are more than just another company.

Have Award Ceremonies

Give this year's holiday party a business focus and emphasize your appreciation for employee’s hard work throughout the year. This helps people to associate positive thoughts with the event and sets the tone for a similar work ethic in the next year.

Celebrate Employee Accomplishments

If a specific employee was able to complete a project earlier than expected, reward him. This kind of reward and appreciation will motivate the employees to do their best always. Celebrating thye accomplishments of even small successes can brighten up the entire workplace.

Consider Co-hosting the Holiday Event with Others

By hosting the holiday party with an association, a professional group, another internal department or even important business partners, this can help defray costs, while providing a lot of networking opportunities.

Make Positive Announcements about the Company

Announce important company initiatives during the event, especiallyany initiatives that may benefit the employees. This would keep their spirits high and uplift their morale. Talk about new initiatives that you may be embarking on in the next year, any new and important clients you will be working with and company goals.

These were just a few ideas that when implemented will help foster a positive view of your company and boost morale. To make sure that holiday parties are a rousing success, an increasing number of companies these days are hiring professional event marketing companies like-Plan Ahead Events to organise their holiday parties. The experienced event planners at the Plan Ahead Events carry a robust corporate event planning experience for corporate organizations, ensuring every event is a big success.

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