Masterbatches Used For Packing Strap/Sheet-Things You Need To Know

Posted by sungbocoltds on October 29th, 2013

There are many things used in industrial processes. A Plastic sheet may seem like a simple thing but many things go into making a simple plastic sheet. One such component used in making plastic sheet is-masterbatch. Read on to find out about the masterbatches used in plastic sheets:

Why are masterbatches used in sheet applications?

Filler masterbatch helps to reduce extrusion temperature and pressure and to increase throughput rates and/or thermal stabilization. Masterbatches provide lower material cost, reduction of color masterbatch requirement, and improved printability.

Benefits of using filler masterbatches

Adding filler masterbatch has many advantages which are listed below:

•Higher extruder output and faster cooling on chill roll

•Reduced cooling time in mold, faster cycles

•Higher stiffness •Lower shrinkage

•Processing on existing PS thermoforming machinery

•More isotropic physical properties

•Improved forming accuracy

What are filler masterbatches?

Filler Masterbatches is compounded of high quality filler, polymer resin and other additive agents by twin-screw machine. Filler Masterbatches with good dispersion and environmental protection can improve the surface antifriction, heat stability, toughness, hardness, rigidity and increasing specific gravity of plastic products, and it can replace the use of plastic material to reduce production cost for consumers.

It is widely used in blow film, blow moulding, injection moulding, wire drawing, bag moulding, slip casting, dyeing, extrusion moulding and so on.

What are calcium carbonate filler masterbatches?

Calcium Carbonate filler Masterbatches, made of high quality and micro sized calcium carbonate and LLDPE as carrier, is a kind of filler masterbatches with good filler properties, high whiteness, improving the characters of plastic products and reducing the cost of final products to increase the productivity effect and get good economic benefits.

With good dispersion and strong anti-oxygen and aging resistance, good anti pressure and reducing contractibility to decrease the deformation for contractibility of products and large loading, it is widely used for PE, PP, ABS, EVA, HIPS, PC plastics in injection, bottle blowing, plastic knife and fork, snack box, pipe, sheet, electrical appliance shell, packing belt, woven bag, garbage bag, shopping bag, non-woven fabrics and casting film, etc.

Where to get good quality white filler masterbatches?

Sungbo Co. Ltd, a company whose name is synonymous with quality, durability and affordability, offers high quality Calcium Carbonate filler Masterbatch (White Masterbatch), that has application in various industries such as injection, band, sheet, woven bag, film, and etc. across the world. The masterbatch solutions offered by Sungbo Co. Ltd helps industries to create cost-effective packaging, consumer products and industrial goods, as well as enable to make injection, extrusion and other processes more efficient.

Sungbo is the leader in the name of masterbatch production, to get high quality calcium carbonate filler masterbatches, simply log in to-

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