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Internet Not Working on Phone

Posted by expertneeds on September 3rd, 2020

Ways To Fix The Internet Not Working on Phone

Internet in today’s world is no less than inhaling oxygen for living. Absurd might it sound, but we can’t deny the fact that we all are obsessed with the internet. One moment the internet connection goes, we all get anxious. From working in the office to playing games or accessing social media or studying online, the internet is a major necessity in all spheres of life.

Internet Not Working on a Mobile Phone 

The most convenient way to connect to the internet is to simply turn on the data on mobile or connect your phone with a nearby Wi-Fi network. However, often we face the internet not working on the phone due to unknown reasons. If that’s the case with you too, then follow below-given steps to fix it.

Steps To Fix Internet Connection on The Phone 

  1. If the mobile data is not working on the phone then turn it off and reboot your phone. As the phone turns on then try connecting again. A lot of times it’s not the network but the device which stops working.
  2. Moving on, check if you have paid for the phone bill or not. A lot of people fail to connect to the internet because they have no active internet plan.
  3. A lot of times while traveling, internet connection collapses because of the network problem. Wait till you enter a network zone and then you can connect your mobile.
  4. If you have connected your phone to Wi-Fi connection then make sure to remain within the range of connectivity. If you are not near the router, the connection will not work.

And hence with the help of these basic steps, you can overcome the issue of the internet not working. However, if you come across any other issue then you can contact the customer care team of your network. Maybe there is a network problem that needs time to be fixed.

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