Jack Of All Trades, Master of None?

Posted by robertrobins on October 30th, 2013

Wikipedia defines the phrase, “Jack Of All Trades, Master Of None” as a figure of speech used in reference to a person that possesses a diverse set of skills, but is not an expert in any particular one of them.

The music industry is replete with a never-ending list of legends, artists and experts in their own field whether singing, music, song writing, musical instruments, etc. Some of the renowned poets and artists are Late Jagjit Singh (poet & singer), Javed Akhtar (poet & song writer), Late Ali Akbar Khan known for Bass player Wanted, Late Alla Rakha known as the legendry table player, Ustad Amjad Ali Khan who is the greatest exponents of Sarod, Pandit Hari Prasad Chaurasia who is the most popular contemporary flautists and known as the greatest living master of the north Indian flute, Pandit Ravi Shankar who is the greatest exponents of the sitar, Ustad Zakir Hussain reigning king of tabla players are the most popular Indian musicians known all over the world. These personalities are known as the Maestros of Instrumental Music.

There are people who possess their forte in one field only such as some are good in playing a musical instrument, some at singing, some at dancing, some at poetry, some at song writing, some at making music, etc. These people are masters of their field and do excellent work where no one can hold their hand.

There is another category of people who are said to be a jack of all trades, which means that such people are kind of multi-talented though, they cannot be called as master in any field because they do not hold any expertise in any particular field. For example, A.R. Rehman is known for his excellent music, though he is capable to play every instrument with clarity and hold knowledge about every instrument as well but he cannot be called as master in playing any one instrument.

There are many such people of the second category who have all the know- how about every instrument and every bit of the music industry but still they cannot be termed ad master in any one field. Such people are multi-talented and multitasking who are required everywhere in the field of music. I would say that such people have even more opportunities for success and earnings if they possess knowledge about every field of music.

There are some very renowned examples of such people who are jack of all trades and master of none:

  • John Presnell, who is a famous singer and songwriter, according to him no matter how many projects he undertake, it is still not enough for him. That is because of his passion for his work. He believes that songwriting for him is both literate and humorous which is balanced by a few serious numbers of compositions. Besides a long number of projects lined up with him, he is excited about his future performances and ready to take more such projects.
  • It seems to be unbelievable to talk about Vince Cimo, who for earning his livelihood plays various roles in his life for which he has come out to be a builder, an environmentalist, musician, rancher and, most recently, a music producer. 
  • Talking about Taylor Mason who is a leading Comedian, actor, ventriloquist, entertainer and musician.
  • Taking the example of Don Amari, who has been playing trumpet since he was 9 years of age and now at the age of 74, the Jackonsville Chapel Concert Band is being conducted by him which comprises of rotating members who are well with every instrument who can have the length of the band with as many as 55 and as few as 20 musicians. This is the notion which will help Amari to achieve what he wants to. These fun seeking musicians play a range of show tunes, marches, classical music and even some sacred music.

Are the years of Da Vinci gone? Is it probable to, at one time, being a world-class painter, engineer, scientist, musician, singer, dancer and more?

No, that time is totally gone, now is the time where people do not just get confined to one single field but want to be an expert of many fields and called to be a multitasker.

Five reasons why it pays to be a “jack of all trades”:

  1. It is an artificial pairing of the phrase, “Jack of all trades, and master of none”: A person can be jack of all trades and master of many or one. We normally get confused with the term of being a master to perfect or to excellence.
  2. In a world of assertive specialists, it’s the multitasking person who ends up the show: A person having knowledge of only one field can only be communicated in case of problem taking place in that particular field only but a jack of all trades having know- how about every field can help you in a better manner that to in a more expert way. The difference is same as consulting from a CAP than a CEO.
  3. Monotony is failure: No matter how much equipped you are in your area of interest and explore new areas of expertise in your field but, somewhere you will find that monotony in your work. If you will not develop your interest in some other field, then this monotony will take you nowhere but a dead end.
  4. Diversity in varied intellectual playgrounds brings confidence instead of fear: It is very much sure that knowledge about more than one field will boost up your confidence and develop your knowledge and skills. When knowledge is confined to only one single field, it develops fear and inferiority complex among a person.
  5. It is fun to enter and knowing about new fields: You will enjoy the adventurous trip of getting involved into new things and enjoying new experiences in life. You will find it different from what you always used to do.

Today’s professional and creative requirements are to be a musician, composer, guitarist, film-maker, photographer at one time and it has to be in terms of the skills required to do any job.


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