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The 6 best pages to buy digital PC video games online

Posted by mdkhann on September 4th, 2020

I bet a gigabyte that in some debate about console vs computer (or directly PS4 vs PC ) you have used the argument of: « on the PC there are more games (and cheaper).

the games is one of the main advantages of the computer over other platforms. Above all, when it comes to buying digital games easily and without having to scratch your pocket a lot.

Mind you, there is a problem: there is so many PC game store that you might feel a bit overwhelmed. But don't worry, that's why I've prepared today's article.

In this post, you will find a selection of the 5 best stores to buy digital online PC games (and everything you should take into account when buying online).

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 ? First of all: is it safe to buy digital PC games online?

The short answer is yes, as long as you buy them from an online store that meets certain requirements.

Buying digital PC games is safe if you do it on the right page.

And to know if a portal is trustworthy you should look at:

The price: if in most a game costs around € 40 and only in a portal it costs € 10, be suspicious.

Check the terms and conditions: by law, all web pages must have a section where they explain the user's rights (normally they are at the bottom). Read them and check that they do not say anything strange (for example, that you do not have the right to a refund even if the game never reaches you).

Secure payment methods:  unless it is a well-known portal (like Steam) my advice is not to use your credit card to buy. Better opt for other safer methods (like PayPal, for example).

Read the opinions of other users:  in case of doubts, the best thing you can do is Google “opinion + the name of the store”. In this way, you will know if the experience that other people have had is positive or negative.

In addition, buying PC games in digital format offers many advantages. I list them below.

? Advantages of buying digital PC games

Despite the fact that today many people buy their favorite games in digital format, there are still those who prefer to get them in physical format.

I do not want to go into which of the 2 options is better (it is not the intention of the post), but if you are from the second group and you are considering taking the step to the digital world, these are all the advantages you will get:

Convenience to get hold of games: Forget going to a mall or a store and waiting in line to buy a game. In this case, you do it from your home and you receive it instantly.

Your games safe:  a digital game is not scratched, damaged, or lost. You always have them like the first day, no matter how long it goes.

They go with you everywhere: no matter how far you go, as long as you have an Internet connection and a computer at hand, you can play the games you want.

Easy to share:  platforms such as Steam (which I will explain below) allow you to share libraries between users quickly and easily, so your game catalog can be expanded almost infinitely.

They are an eco-friendly option:  since you don't have to create your plastic packaging or transport it anywhere, they help to preserve the environment.

They do not take up space in your house:  no matter how small your room is, your game library can be as big as you want (or your budget allows).

That said, let's get down to business. Here I show you a list of the 5 best stores to buy digital online PC games (and all trusted). ?

Top 6 stores to buy digital online PC games

For me, these are the best options to get hold of your favorite games (in fact, I have bought games in all the ones on the list).

From the comfort of your home, directly to your computer. Download, install and play.

Let's go there.

1. Steam

Steam Store Home

Steam is the best store to buy PC games online today.

What began as a platform in which Valve (the creator of Steam) only sold its own titles (such as Half-Life, Portal, Counter-Strike, etc.), little by little it was adding third-party titles, until configuring the catalog more extensive market. From major studio franchises to indie games, almost any title you can think of will be on Steam.

Another of its strengths are the prices, especially thanks to its numerous offers and sales periods (surely you may have heard of Steam sales in autumn and summer), where it is possible to find significant discounts.

In addition, there are thousands of independent or old games available for very few euros, even free.

But its success is not just due to an endless collection of titles and juicy bargains.

Steam stands out for many other features such as:

Your social community.

It's Big Picture mode with which you can play on a TV with a remote.

It's a fantastic recommendation system to discover new games based on your tastes.

Finally, it also has its own line of hardware:

Steam controller:  a controller to control your video games (ideal for driving or combat games).

HTC Vive:  one of the best virtual reality glasses out there today.

Valve Index: it's the latest release when it comes to virtual reality.

Steam Link:  an application to enjoy your Steam library on a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV .

Hands down the best place to buy PC games today.

2. Allshopbiz

Allshopbiz is a popular store to buy PC games online today. 

We’re an online shopping marketplace and we provide an affordable and seamless shopping experience. AllShopBiz offers shopping deals on the world’s largest selection of products and services. We aim at creating a platform wherein customers get the best online shopping experience and communities and sellers all over the world reap the benefits as well. You can explore a large range of products and product categories, as we provide you with the best prices across a wide-spread range of Electronics, Clothing, and apparel, Furniture, etc.

3. GOG

GOG Classic Video Game Store

The acronym GOG stands for “Good Old Games” (in our language, good old games) and that is why this store is the dream of every retro video game lover.

This portal was born as a place to buy PC games from another era, especially from the 90s and early 2000s, but adapted to be played on today's computers and operating systems.

In addition, although classic games remain its specialty, today it also incorporates many new games (although it is not close to the Steam variety).

Of course, it has a point in favor over the giant Valve: it is DRM Free (it does not have DRM).

To clarify this, DRM is the acronym for Digital Rights Management (or digital rights management in Spanish) and refers to the different technologies that video game developers use to fight against piracy and prevent unauthorized use.

And why is it a good thing that they don't have DRM? Am I in favor of piracy? Of course not.

The problem is that it is a protection system that can directly affect the performance of the game (slowing it down), which means that legitimate buyers cannot enjoy the game experience 100%.

Even on the most powerful gaming settings , the drop in frames per second is noticeable.

In addition, it can prevent you from installing your games on more than one computer or requiring an Internet connection to run them, for example.

In short, this is your option if you like retro games from the 90s and 2000s (oh, that Baldur's Gate 2, what memories.)?

4. Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming

Green Man Gaming is another of the best pages to buy cheap PC games and with a large catalog (although not as specialized as GOG's, nor as deep as Steam's).

But what undoubtedly stands out in this online store is the offers.

And it is that discounts of up to 30% can be found in recent launches and that they reach 90% in the case of titles that have been on the market longer.

How do you manage to offer such low prices? The key is that Green Man Gaming does not sell video games, but access codes.

I explain.

When making a purchase on this portal, what you receive in your email is a key that you must then enter in Steam, GOG, Origin, or the corresponding gaming platform to activate it and thus add it to your library.

Although this adds a new component to the equation: the region.

Many developers make different versions of the same game for specific areas of the planet. That is why it is important that if you buy on this portal, you make sure that you can activate it in your region (Europe, North America, Asia, Oceania ...).

Luckily, you have this information on the file of each product (it is a green check where it says " Activates in your region" ). They also reward their followers on Twitter and Facebook with frequent exclusive discount codes.

5. Humble Bundle

Humble bundle

Humble Bundle came from a very simple idea: change the way digital video games are bought for PC.

And wow he got it.

This website is based on the philosophy of "pay what you want". Yes, as you read, they allow you to choose how much you want to spend to get a bundle (the name they give to their packs of games and tools).

You can start with a minimum and as you raise the price, the package will contain more products or rewards.

You also have the option of Humble Monthly, which works as a monthly subscription of $ 12 for which on the first Friday of each month, you receive a bundle of games selected by them.

They have recently introduced the traditional model, that is, you can find games with their fixed prices and offers as in other stores.

I think it's important to finish by mentioning that part of the price goes to charity, so by buying your games here you will be contributing to a good cause .

6. Itch.io

Itch.io online store

The landscape of independent video games (or as they are known in this world, "indies") has never offered so many good titles as today.

Many have managed to gain a foothold in the market, competing for face to face with the big studios. But many others do not stand out so much, despite offering plenty of fun.

And that's where Itch.io can be an excellent tool to discover and acquire these titles.

Itch.io focuses on lesser-known indie games but with very good quality.

In this portal you will not find the most popular games, nor the great productions that dominate the top positions on Steam, for example. But if you feel drawn to the more personal and artistic indie titles, here you can find an extensive catalog (and many of them free).

In addition, this portal has a very complete filter and recommendation system that will help you choose the games that best suit you. And like Steam, it has a library to download, save and run titles directly from it.

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