A BPO is more than just staffing services at a cheaper price

Posted by SharonEvans on October 31st, 2013

There is massive difference between a call center and a Business Process Outsourcing firm. While both these can be associated with some form of customer service Business Process Outsourcing also brings to the table a host of other services that include consulting, business process monitoring and efficiency, quality control and IT services, to name a few. A BPO can also be used for staffing services so that your organization is able to meet your customer demands in the least possible cost without compromising on quality.

For decades the most successful companies in the world have thrived on efficiency. Efficiency encompasses the whole gamut of operations of an organization – be it manufacturing, be it quality control, be it manpower management, be it technology and be it innovation. A BPO firm can offer all these services and more thanks to the years of experience it has in dealing with customers like you.

And as mentioned before this is not just what Business Process Outsourcing can offer. Take into account staffing. It is one of the most sensitive and valued elements of any organization. An organization that has capable and happy staff members tends to do well. While capability depends on the quality of manpower hired happiness comes from organizational practices. When you outsource staffing services to a BPO firm you get complete peace of mind as far as hiring is concerned. Your Business Process Outsourcing partner can hire the best of manpower for you keeping in mind the job requirements. As far as organizational practices are concerned your Business Process Outsourcing partner can don the hat of the consultant and help you identify and adopt global best practices.

Talking of manpower one cannot ignore the cost factor. Countries like India and Philippines are where you get cheaper manpower. Given the way the value of dollar is appreciating these days it makes complete sense to set up your operation in the Asian countries. For a fraction of the cost of manpower in the USA you get the same (and in many cases) quality manpower that is efficient and can offer your customers and you a full range of services. But for this you need your partner to offer the right staffing services. Choose your Business Process Outsourcing well and you shouldn’t need to worry about this.

An efficient BPO firm is bound to have solutions for all your needs. Whether you want to set up a high tech application or you want flexibility or efficiency in your processes or you want to set up a call center service to handle your customers – someone with experience can offer you the right kind of help to ensure you get quality for the price you can afford.

The days of mushrooming BPO firms is almost over and today you have those long standing players with proven track record in the Business Process Outsourcing domain. From staffing services to consulting to technology to customer service – you can always depend on them to deliver the goods. All you need is to make informed decisions.

Choose your BPO partner properly and you will get the full range of their offerings from staffing services to consulting to technology to customer service.

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