How to Safely and Effectively Remove Imperfections in Your Wooden Floors

Posted by simpletoolhire on October 31st, 2013

Wooden floors are very popular here in the UK, and are a lot easier to care for than carpets or rugs.  They are very beautiful and the look of wood floors never seems to go out of style. The only drawback some may find about real wood floors is the fact that occasionally you will need to refinish the surface of the floors to keep the wood looking lustrous and in top shape. 

What most people choose to do when their wooden floor needs to be refinished is hire a floor sander and refinish the floors themselves. After they have sanded down the floors, they simply stain the floors with a new coat of varnish and the floors look like new again. So what equipment will you need to hire if you are thinking about refinishing your floors? 

What You Need to Hire:

  • Floor Edging Sander-You need a floor edging sander to get up right to the corners and edges of your wooden floors where the skirting, baseboards and other small spaces where an ordinary electric sander may have a difficult time reaching.  
  • Electric Floor Sander-This will perform the bulk of the job as the floor sander will help remove all the varnish, paint, and imperfections that might exist on the surface of your wood floors.  Once completely sanded down you will be able to add your new coat of varnish to the freshly sanded wood flooring surface. 

Other equipment you may be able to get on your own or from the tool hire company:

  • Scraper
  • Sanding Paper/Sheets
  • Hammer and Nail Punch
  • Wood Filler
  • Varnish
  • Paint Rollers
  • Cloth
  • Goggles, dust mask, gloves and ear plugs

Once you have located a tool hire company here in the UK that hires floor sanders you want to prepare your wood floors for sanding:

  • Remove all furniture and fixtures including any obstacles that might prevent you from maneuvering your floor sander around the room freely. 
  • Close all the doors in your home and open all the windows in the room where you will be working to prevent dust from spreading throughout your home.
  • Check for any nails that might be sticking out and remove them using a hammer.
  • Fill any cracks or gaps in your floors with wood filler and replace any wood planks that are beyond repair.
  • Completely clean your floors prior to sanding to remove any dirt or grease that may be on your floors. 

For more information about sanding your floors or hiring the right type of floor sander for your needs, contact the tool hire experts at Simple Tool Hire. They are the UK’s leading tool hire company and their experts can help answer any queries you may have about hiring floor sanders in the UK

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This article is written by Chris Bedford, who represents Simple Tool Hire. Simple Tool Hire is one of the best tool hire shops that can help you to decide which tools and machines would be best for executing your next task or project. They even provide cleaning and lifting equipment. So if you are ever in need of lifting equipment or a carpet cleaning machine then you can select the one that suits you from their collection.

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