Settling disputes with fixed price divorce

Posted by GeorgeVelvet on October 31st, 2013

When a marriage reaches the proverbial point of no return and separation is inevitable there is a tendency of being overly emotional when trying to settle either financial or custody disputes. Realizing that your relationship failed despite your best intentions can take a toll on your psychological stability and create conflict between you and your partner. If you don’t want to drag your children into a complicated process that might scar them for good you might want to handle your breakup in a divorce without court. Litigation is lengthy and expensive and the main purpose of a collaborative approach is to minimize the damage inflicted on your finances and mental health. If you simply want to reach an agreement and go on with your life you should consider all the aspects of a fixed price divorce strategy.

When a separation dispute goes to court a tense situation is created and the final resolution of the trial will only benefit one party involved. A judge is trained to be impartial but since he makes decisions based on the legal arguments of lawyers there might be a tendency to overlook the emotional aspect of a separation. In a divorce without court a whole team of professionals from various fields will analyze your case and an agreement will be outlined with the interest of both parties involved in mind. In order to keep things civilized and encourage open communication a mental health specialist will be present throughout the debate. If any member of your family will need psychological counseling to cope once the separation is done a fixed price divorce plan will also include the necessary resources to provide therapy sessions.

There are a few situations that can’t be settled through divorce without court. If there is any sort of deficiency or disability, whether it’s substance abuse or mental health issues the process can’t be carried unless a court ordered specialist determines if the judgment of the spouse in question is impaired. In the event of domestic violence or child abuse there will always be custody disputes therefore a judge needs to decide what environment will be in the best interest of the minors involved.

There is a considerable amount of finances that goes into resolving disputes through litigation and most people that go through a separation just want to carry on living normal lives once it’s all over. If you want to avoid paying six figures in lawyer fees alone a divorce without court can drastically reduce the cost of the process. In the case of a fixed priced divorce your situation will be assessed in the very beginning to determine what the best approach would be. Depending on the initial rapport of a law specialist and an emotional counselor, a financial expert will devise a strategy that concerns all the aspects of the divorce to ensure that you don’t end up paying a fortune in legal fees. Another advantage of a fixed price divorce is that the process will take significantly less time to reach a resolution since communication is encouraged.

If you’re willing to communicate with your spouse in order to reduce the cost of a separation a divorce without court can be a better solution that litigation. A fixed price divorce can also diminish the time it takes to reach and agreements.

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