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Posted by juliabennet on November 2nd, 2013

In this era of cut throat competition, most people have hectic schedules giving rise to a stressful life. Relaxation is important for releasing the stress and tension. According to the medical practitioners and health experts, music has a positive effect on the body and mind and can prove to be an excellent solution for the problems like anxiety, stress, and depression. Indie music is one of the music genres that have been highly popular among the music enthusiasts for a couple of decades. This article provides you with detailed information on the new indie bands. Read this article to enrich yourself with the information on new indie music.

Some of the new indie bands are doing excellently to compete with the mainstream musicians. The bands are known to be independent as they present music without the backing of the major record labels. This enables the bands to acquire the freedom to be more experimental in their musical creations and the arrangements of songs. In most cases, you will find the new indie music artists recording in ordinary studios and sometimes even in their home studio. The result is that they are not forced by time or budget to complete the writing and recording in a short period of time. As mass appeal is not the prime objective of these bands, you will mostly come across extended instrumental pieces and strange lyrics in their musical pieces.

Let us now talk about some of the popular new indie bands:
•  Rats on Rafts: This band has acquired huge popularity among the followers of new indie music. It constitutes of David Fagan (vocalist and guitarist), Florian Veenhuis (bass), Arnoud Verheul (guitar), and Joris Frowein (drums). The Moon Is Big is one of the great productions of the Rats on Rafts that has been highly popular among the audience. "So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish" is an extended play produced by this band. It was released in 2008. Among the singles, The Moneyman has acquired popularity. Emma Sofia released in 2012 is also popular.

•  Atlas Genius:  This is an Australian new indie music band. It consists of the brothers Keith Jeffery and Michael Jeffery. While Keith is a vocalist and guitarist, his brother, Michael is a drummer. "Trojans" is the debut of this band. It was officially released on 4th May 2011.

•  Unicorn Power:  This is one of the famous new indie bands based in Brighton, UK. The new indie music band consists of Scott Pitkethly (vocal, guitar, synthesizer), Dion Lay (guitar) and Annalise Vineer (vocal, synthesizer and bass).

•  Best Coast: This is an American indie band based in California’s Los Angeles. Formed in 2009, Best Coast has Bethany Cosentino and Bobb Bruno as its chief members who are accompanied by a number of drummers in the live performances. Popular studio albums released by Best Coast include "Crazy for You" and "The Only Place". Notable live albums include iTunes Session.

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