Successful people never depend on anyone says Simon Simonn?s

Posted by sharonevans on November 2nd, 2013

Simon Simonnæs owns one of the leading real estate companies and Norway and is a very intelligent young man. Simon was able to see glitches after a lot of hard work and long suffering. Simon was never born rich. In fact, Simon was born to a very poor family and lost his mother at a very young age.

He was raised by his father taught him many things and reason to have a good character. He had a very tough childhood and a lot of financial problems. He was very young when he had to get a first job because of the bad financial situation that he was in. He was 11 years old when he got his first job as a bellhop. Later when he was able to make a few ends meet he managed to get a degree from the Norwegian school of management and perform several odd jobs during his study.

After finishing his studies Simon Simonnæs went on to become a real estate agent. He was also a bouncer at one point and was able to learn a lot about the restaurant business at that time. His father was very instrumental in teaching him about the most important things that life has to offerand shaped his personality into what he is today.

Simon is a very respectable young man and values his father for everything that he has taught him in the past. Simon is a young man who was never interested in making a fortune but always took pride in working hard. Simon Simonnæs is very happy to help other people and always makes a lot of donations. There are unique challenges that he has faced in his life and his donations are also unique to help people understand that nothing in life comes easy.

Simon is a good man and has very good friends in high places that trust him a lot. However, Simon is one person who is very independent and does not depend on anybody else for anything. Hard life has taught in this lesson and it is a valuable one. Having years of experience in the real estate industry has given Simon an edge over other businessmen in the week. With his hard work and determination Simon Simonnæs has been able to build himself an empire and realize that he has everything that he has wanted.

Simon claims that it is important never to depend on other people for anything. He says that depending on other people only makes you focus on the fact of being your builds rather than living your passions and working hard. Everybody should be financially independent and never depend on other people according to Simon. When a person has dreams and ambitions, he should look to living those dreams and ambitions rather than wasting time and not knowing what to do with them.

There are several things that you can learn from the life of Simon and from other successful businessmen around the world. If you are a personal has a dream and look past your obstacles and learn from all the good and the bad lessons that life throws at you.

There are several lessons you can learn from the life of Simon Simonnæ if you want to succeed. Pay attention to what Simon Simonnæ has to say and learn how to overcome all the challenges you encounter.

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