Taking life the right way as Simon Simonn?s would

Posted by RaynaJess on November 3rd, 2013

Simon Simonnæs is a very strong-willed young man who has made it really big in life in a very short span of time. After having been brought up in their life where he has struggled, his upbringing has talked to him several valuable lessons.Simon Simonnæs is a person who never wants more than he needs. This is what he claims is a very valuable characteristic in him that has helped him achieving many great things.

His mother died at a very young age, which forced his father and him to move to a very small apartment and begin life. Even at a young age she was imparted with strong values of not living to be for utility bills. He is a person who does not believe that his paycheck is only to be able to create for his utility bills but is also something that helps them need only walk is required. Simon Simonnæs is a determined young man who was born in Rotterdam. He believes that a family life can cause a person to lose his life entirely and therefore he is very happy that he has a long-distance relationship with his girlfriend who lives in Switzerland.

Being in a long-distance relationship does not affectSimon Simonnæs because he works from early in the morning till late in the night. He finds that his work hours coincide well with his personal life and therefore he is able to cope up and in fact love the idea of being in a long-distance relationship. He is a young man who even as a small boy learned that he should stand strong to be able to achieve great things and make it big in life.

At a young age he began selling flag pins for the rescue society, which gave him two dollars for every pin that he sold. Even at the age of eight he was able to become a successful businessman and turned into a millionaire. His drive to success was a difficult one but he was a very young enterprising person so he was able to make it big. He remembered that the main reason he was able to make it big is because he was able to ask people nicely when he sold things even at a young age.

He is a versatile young man and did several odd jobs before he got his real job at the age of 11. After finishing his studies in the Norwegian school of management at the age of 22,Simon Simonnæs decided to get into the real estate industry. She even worked as a bouncer at some point in his life and started his own security company in Oslo. This is a position that he feels he will never regret. By being able to run a security company Simon Simonnæs was able to find a lot of knowledge about the restaurant industry and learned about how he can provide for the restaurant industry except for providing food and drink.

Take life’s lessons the positive way and you can become as successful as Simon Simonnæs too. You should learn something from every life lesson and Simon Simonnæs is willing to share his knowledge.

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