What is Slayer Tower Revamped in Runescape

Posted by sarahbulaiman on November 5th, 2013

If you already have a someone Assignment to kill suitable creatures, Markus will give you a contract rather than the traditional list. His special contracts match the type of Runescape 3 Gold that you've been appointed, effectively supplying you with a 2 hundredth uplift to your someone XP, and a selection of combat XP or coins.

There's AN Early Bird bonus obtainable for consecutive two weeks, doubling the combat XP or cash that you will receive from the first traditional contract that you simply complete within that time.

Our Graphics Team have done some excellent work on the someone Tower, and its spooky Second Age look fits in well with the new cognitive content we've introduced. Keep a watch out for books written by the tower's designer - General Viggora - and by the mage chargeable for populating the tower with its monstrous residents. We've additionally replaced some of the previous agility shortcuts with stairs for easier access, however we've value-added a brand new one which grants access to a brand new top, where more of the best levelled enemies ar obtainable for those of you with at least 71 agility. 

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