The Newest Breakthroughs for Hair Extensions: Cold Fusion

Posted by Kapellohairuk on November 5th, 2013

While bonded hair extensions are extremely durable and well concealed, the application is often time-consuming and messy, and it uses high temperatures to achieve results. Hot glue can cause scorching if used too close to your scalp and can damage your natural hair. Innovative UK company Kapello Hair has come up with a technology that surpasses the rest, eliminating the two biggest causes of damage: heat and glue. Their ground breaking Ultrasonic Machine has changed the game for bonded hair extensions.

Ultrasonic technology uses cold fusion rather than heat to blonde hair extensions to your natural hair. Bonds are made and sealed near the root using Keratin proteins that mimic the molecular structure of human hair. Vibrations from waves emitted from the Ultrasonic Machine attach the Keratin tip of the extension to your natural hair, making a bond that is invisible, durable and safe. The bonds lay flat and spread the hair out, so the effect is invisible, even and full. Unlike hot-fusion methods, cold fusion bonds can be made near the scalp and around the face, without causing damage or scorching. Plus, cold bonds are not affected by heat, so you can wash and style normally using heated styling products.

In addition to being gentler on your natural hair, cold fusion bonds are flexible and convenient. Your bonded hair extensions will move and flow naturally, adding both length and volume to your hair. Because they can be applied close to the scalp, cold bonds are ideal for fine hair, even on patients undergoing chemotherapy who want to fill in thinning sections. Cold fusion technology allows for radical transformations.

Hair extensions bonded through cold fusion last up to nine months, which is much longer than those applied using hot methods. Kapello’s Keratin formula prevents shedding with a strong seal. You can live your life normally, washing, brushing and styling your hair extensions, as well as swimming and exercising as much as you want to! Pre bonded extensions are among the most natural looking hair extensions on the market, because they can be applied with extreme precision.

Kapello’s Ultrasonic Machine is non-damaging, easy to use and even easier to clean. Unlike glue, Keratin does not leave the pliers sticky and messy, which makes the process more enjoyable for both you and your stylist. Your stylist can program her working time into the machine, speeding up the process so that applications are much more convenient. There is no heat-up time like there is with glue; simply plug in the Ultrasonic Machine and get started.

Ultrasonic technology for cold fusion bonded hair extensions is the cutting edge in the industry. If you are hoping to attain gorgeous, natural looking, 100% Remy human hair extensions designed to match your hair color and keep up with you lifestyle, pre bonded hair extensions applied with cold fusion technology are the best option for you. After a quick, non-damaging, no-fuss appointment with your stylist, you will have thick, lustrous hair that everyone will think is natural.

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This article is written by Jonathan Barrett. Kapello Hair is born with a desire to source the best quality hair in the world and to introduce a new level of innovation to the hair extensions industry. They provide a wide range of hair extensions by method, colour, length & type.

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