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Posted by Kapellohairuk on November 5th, 2013

As hair extensions have been made more affordable and easier to apply, they have become the most popular as a way to add length, volume or color to your hair. The most popular methods of applying hair extensions are clips, weaves, braiding, bonding, micro rings, and pre taped technologies. These techniques vary in terms of permanence, ease of application, and use of tools or chemicals. So which method is best for you?

Women have been raving about the benefits of pre taped hair extensions, one of the easiest semi-permanent technologies in hair extensions today. Pre taped hair extensions stay firmly in place without bonds, tools or stress to your scalp. Pre taped hair extensions lay perfectly flat, and are comfortable against your scalp. They are lightweight and do not pull on your natural hair. Plus, you save time and errors by not having to apply the tape to the extensions yourself.

Unlike hot glues, tapes are extremely safe and do not damage your natural hair or irritate your scalp. Tapes that are designed by high end companies like Kapello Hair combine a protective layer, a polyester film, an acrylic base and a polyurethane base with integrated hair. The resulting tapes are resistant, strong and safe. They provide UV protection, and temperature resistance, so that heated styling products and humidity won’t affect them. You can wear your hair in any style that you want to, while your application sites remain discrete and your extensions remain intact.

Pre taped hair extension work perfectly for women who have thinning hair, as well as women who want extra length, volume or added color dimension. These semi-permanent hair extensions are expertly placed during a quick, 30-40 minute appointment at your salon. While it is possible to apply pre taped hair extensions yourself, the results are inevitably better when you schedule an appointment with your hair stylist. Your stylist will have skills and perspective you lack while sitting at home in front of a mirror. The tape is applied discreetly between layers of your natural hair. Your extensions will be anchored in place without pulling, or causing any damage. Pre taped extensions are reusable and can be reapplied up to five times without losing adhesive strength. They are not only one of the most convenient types of hair extensions, but also the most economical.

Clients love pre taped extensions because they are simpler and quicker to apply than bonded or micro ring hair extensions, while being more permanent than clip in hair extensions. They tend to be less expensive than hair extensions that require fusion, and yet they are just as sexy, natural and lustrous. Pre taped extensions are widely used on celebrities during movies and award shows. They are a great luxury hair extension for both first-timers and hair extension veterans, because they eliminate the damage, long appointment times and high cost of other methods of application. Pre taped hair extensions are both durable and low-maintenance, and they are guaranteed to look fabulous everyone who tries them.

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This article is written by Jonathan Barrett. Kapello Hair is born with a desire to source the best quality hair in the world and to introduce a new level of innovation to the hair extensions industry. They provide a wide range of hair extensions by method, colour, length & type.

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