Commercial printing: A2 printing and plan printing

Posted by Johny Dean on November 5th, 2013

Printing needs are inevitable in any company, but especially for those which rely on print to make themselves visible to the public and to conduct their internal and external activities. For example, a company which organizes events or relies on strategic planning and organizing will always need A2 printing and plan printing for the different information dissemination needs of the company.

A company which needs to print posters and other types of informative material can spend lots of money on necessary yearly needs. The costs are high to print images in full-color, and usually that is where the competition is the fiercest on this market. A2 printing is expensive usually, simply because it’s not that easy to obtain a good full color for a poster or another image. On the other hand, in plan printing the requirements might refer to something different – such as making all details clearly visible and distinguishable, as well as printing the plan in the right format so that it can be easily followed and put in practice. Also, the paper used for printing is highly important, as well as the machinery and technology, including software, that creates the final products.

There are different types of printers out there, some older technologies coexisting with newer, state of the art equipment which can produce images at high resolution and in quick times. First of all, for A2 printing and plan printing, people can use offset printing; this technology is an older one which allows printing to be executed by the use of metal plates. The image on these plates is transferred on paper during this process. The technology has some advantages, because it allows A2 prints and plan prints to be made cheaply and rather efficiently. When large numbers of prints are needed, offset technology can deliver successfully. However, it does have its low sides, such as the fact that you cannot change anything in the print unless you design new plates.

Digital printing may also be used for A2 prints and plan prints. With this newer method, you can make as many changes to the image as you want, without raising the costs of production. While it may be cost effective as well, this solution is preferred for smaller quantities, from 10 to 500 pieces let’s say. Getting your own equipment at the office is another possibility, but A2 printing and plan printing at the office may become very expensive as resources – paper, ink – are usually rapidly consumed and thus the expenses are constant. Instead, going to a company which can produce prints for any purpose necessary may be the best solution, out of more reasons than one: first, you’ll be able to print products in different sizes, in larger and smaller formats alike; you can benefit from modern technology, which means better quality to your prints; you won’t have to spend money on printing equipment and resources; you can benefit from specialists’ advice on how to produce the best images and documents. Commercial printing companies can be easily found online.

There’s no need to buy A2 printing and plan printing technology when you can easily look for commercial printing companies which can do this for you at low costs.

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