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Popular Ayurvedic Treatments For Skin Diseases

Posted by Vibetherapies in Health on November 7th, 2013

Skin diseases can occur due to many reasons, but finding the right cure for the disease is extremely difficult. Treating skin diseases can cost you a fortune as you will spend a huge amount of money on medicines, ointments and various other treatments. However, these treatments do not finish off the disease from the root. Unless a disease is eradicated from its root, it will resurface, and you will have to repeat the treatment again.

To treat skin diseases from the root, taking the help of Ayurveda is the best thing to do. An ancient Indian medical science, Ayurveda provides natural cures to various diseases finishing it off once and for all. Ayurveda does not have side effects, and as a result, it is perfect to eradicate skin diseases. One very common skin disease Ayurveda can treat well is Psoriasis.

According to Ayurveda, psoriasis and the digestive system are connected and as a result, the disease is connected with what you eat and how you lead your life. Food items that are oily, excessively sour, sweet, salty and pungent can worsen pitta dosha. As pitta dosha aggravates, it also has an impact on kapha and vata doshas, this leads to diseases. To treat Psoriasis and similar skin diseases, various sorts of Ayurvedic treatment can be used. Such as:

Biopurificatory Cleansing or Shodhana chikitsa through therapy involving Pancha karma

This is one of the most effective treatments. This involves rejuvenating and cleansing the body with specific ways out of the five procedures of Panchakarma. The Panchakarma treatment usually begins with ‘Takradhara’ which basically involves the dripping of buttermilk mixed with a decoction of other herbs on the forehead. This manages the stress balances the aggravated doshas. It basically releases a lot of positive energy. Apparently, it balances the body and reverses the process of the disease. This procedure may take several days or weeks depending on the seriousness of the disease.

Relieving the symptoms or Shamana Chikitsa

In this process, internal herbs are administered, and external body masks are applied to the patient.

Ayurvedic Immunomodulation or Rasayana Chikitsa with the help of Kayakalpa

  • Managing stress
  • Following a firm diet routine
  • Changing lifestyle

Ayurvedic Immunomodulator herbs are also administered to strengthen immunity so that the skin disease can be conquered with success. This is done, as one of the reasons that lead to this disease can also be immunodeficient.

External Treatment

Ayurvedic body masks, oils, and shampoos are also used to provide relief for a few of the symptoms of the skin disease.

A regimented diet

A diet is also given to the patients so that they do not consume anything that may further aggravate the disease.

These are five ways in which you can use Ayurveda to treat and cure skin diseases. You can also surf the internet to find information on Ayurvedic treatments for skin diseases.

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Founded in 2006 as holistic health and wellness centre, Vibe Therapies is an alternative health centre in Melbourne that offers a wide range of holistic health services and consulting in a traditional Indian Ayurvedic way to individuals and provide holistic products.

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